This page is basically a repository for numerous help files for use with Parsoft Interactive's A-10 flight simulators and thier respective demos. Excepting the html versions (of which there are many), all files available here are MAC ONLY, AND MOST ARE ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH OS 9. (Both A-10 Attack programs and demos are OS9 only).

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Amazing 90 second trailer for DCS: A-10C Warthog - 2018.
Clearly, "A-Tenning" has come a VERY long way
since I was at it 3-4 hours a day back in the 90s!
Many thanks to Ivan Friganovic!

Two min video of an A-10 Cuba: Wreckin' Reactor mission,
running oh-so-smoothly in emulation in Yosemite (10.10.4),
on a MacBook Air using ChubbyBunny & SheepShaver.

Many thanks to Toby Bridson!

Keyboard Commands card for A-10 Cuba.
My version was Mac but I've been told this works nicely for Windows A-10 as well.

When I die, THIS will be something like the hog heaven I go to:

Check out Aaron Rogers terrific video looking back at A-10 Attack & Cuba:

DL a full copy of A-10 Attack v1.5 (5.5 MB, OS 9):
DL a full copy of A-10 Cuba v1.2 (7.6 MB, OS9):

(Huge thanks to Peter Godfrey of Australia for these links!)
Not sure if you'll need the access codes or not...if so, use these:
A-10 Attack: 3750702414
A-10 Cuba: 2571002969 (although it appears to have it's
own access code included in the DL)

OF A-10 CUBA for $15, CLICK HERE.

Last time I checked (26OCT12) they had only 1 copy in stock.


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These are some maps I put together for use with the Parsoft A-10 Attack & A-10 Cuba flight simulators, and their demos. I threw a lot of game trivia and other stuff into accompanying Read Me files: even if you only have Cuba or Attack, or one of the demos, you'll probably find all three helpful to some degree.

Cuba Map - has a method of calculating wind, a dead reckoning mission suggestion, keyboard weapon labels, extra credit hints and game trivia.

Europe/Germany Map - has an in depth discussion on the Slewing feature, and more game trivia.

Arizona/Practice Range Map - has a couple of fun game suggestions, individual city target maps, and more game trivia.

A-10 Demo/QuickStart Map - Here's a similar map for the A-10 Attack Demo (also known as the Quick Start module of A-10 Attack). The Read Me has trivia about the demo/module as well as detailed tips on how to defeat all 14 threats on the island.


DL the Attack demo. (450k zip)

DL the Cuba demo. (980k zip)

DL BOTH DEMOS in one dmg file. (10MB dmg)

Better Sound!

Custom Stereo Sounds. (This file has been unavailable for quite awhile. Now it's available.) Pedro Johansson equalized and added stereo effects to the original A-10 Attack! sounds. If you're familiar with basic ResEdit functions, you can insert these sounds into your copy of Attack or Cuba, or the demos. (MAC ONLY - 1.4 MB)

Radio Chatter sounds. Paul Morton, who works for Parsoft, created a sound resource file for A-10 Cuba! that adds ambient chatter. (I have not pasted these into Attack, or either demo, but the sound resources are the same in all four programs so it should work.) Note: this file is NOT supported by Parsoft Interactive. (MAC ONLY - 3.3 MB)

About these sound files...

The Radio Chatter sounds are fun for awhile, but I found myself tiring of them after a day or two. The Custom Stereo Sounds, however, are still a favorite. If you have good speakers (or better yet, headphones) this file will REALLY enhance the A-10 sound.

Also, if you play Cuba as a module in Attack v1.5, you need add the sounds to the Attack program ONLY. I added the Custom Stereo sounds to Attack, and the Radio Chatter sounds to Cuba. [I rarely launch the Cuba program itself (I prefer to run Cuba missions within Attack v1.5) but if I ever want to hear the radio chatter, it's as easy as launching the Cuba program independently.]

AS ALWAYS WHEN WORKING WITH ResEdit, ONLY WORK ON A COPY OF THE PROGRAM, AND STORE A DUPLICATE OF THE ORIGINAL IN A SAFE FOLDER ELSEWHERE ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. Mistakes in ResEdit can ruin a program, but ResEdit is utterly harmless if you have a copy of the original to fall back on.

Other Homegrown Attack & Cuba Help Files & Mission Suggestions...

Waypoints Explained - Here's a simple exercise designed to teach A-10 newcomers how to program waypoints.

Busting Bridge Buster - Here's a Wild-Weasel styled mission for eradicating all threats in the target-rich "Bridge Buster" mission of A-10 Cuba.

"Old Man River" Tips - Here's a suggestion for winning the "Old Man River" mission of A-10 Attack. Includes detailed discussion on loadouts and waypoints, as well as a battlefield diagram, and other graphics to clarify waypoint placement.

Retaliation mission suggestion - A simple graphic with a suggestion for how to get through the "Retaliation" mission of A-10 Attack.

Cuba Demo Mission: "Five Planes In Four Minutes." I plumbed my old A-10 bulletin board archives and rediscovered a pretty challenging mission for the Cuba Demo.

Fun On The Range - Goofy stuff to do out at the Practice Range. (Alternative bomb deliveries, etc.)

Here is a formal display of the 24 mission ribbons available in A-10 Attack & A-10 Cuba.

Not that anyone cares, but here's my best single mission point total in A-10 Cuba (went apeshit in Bridge Buster, and bagged all the extra credit afterward. 28SEP98)

Here are some other VERY helpful A-10 files. Naturally, I recommend them all...

The Unnofficial A-10 Attack Demo Manual In 1995 Tim van der Leeuw and Maury Markowitz put together a TERRIFIC resource for the A-10 Attack demo, but the skills it teaches are applicable to ALL iterations of A-10, including Cuba. (If you are new to A-10 and are looking for help with not so much the mission strategies as just how to simply FLY THE PLANE and DROP THE BOMBS, this is for you. (PDF format, 400k)

Cuba Tactics - The best help file for A-10 Cuba. It's big but worth it. Many screenshots, and LOTS of detailed explanation to help you get through all 12 missions. (MAC ONLY - 1.2 MB)

Stupid Hawg Tricks - An intersting file that talks about easter eggs (surprises) in A-10 Attack. Screenshots too. (MAC ONLY - 496k)

A-10 FAQ - A FAQ about the REAL Fairchild-Republic A-10 aircraft. Very detailed. (pdf, 1.1 MB)

A-10 Attack FAQ - An ASCII Text file for help with all eight A-10 Attack missions. (25k)

To learn more about the real Warthog and what hog drivers did in Desert Storm, scoot over to Amazon.com and order William L. Smallwood's book "WARTHOG: Flying The A-10 In The Gulf War." ($12 + $4 S & H). Scores of A-10 pilots tell, in their own words, what went on over there. If you're a fan of the A-10 Warthog, I can't recommend this book enough.

Running A-10 on three (3) monitors...

Mike Terenzoni has been doing it for years. E-mail him with any and all questions pertaining to 3-screen A-Tenning. (He also takes amazing astronomy photos!)

A-10 Full Version Updaters....
*** These DMG files seem not to DL properly
no matter how many times I re-upload them so
EMAIL ME and I'll email you a copy. ***

A-10 Attack! v1.5 Updater (6 MB dmg mac only)

A-10 Cuba! v1.2 Updater (6.5 MB dmg mac only)

NOTE: If you wish to run A-10 Cuba so that it has the Mission Map like A-10 Attack (as well as the chits, waypoint programming, multiple plane control, etc.) you must:

A) ...have the full versions of both A-10 Cuba and A-10 Attack (see the top of the page for DL links),
B) ...update Attack to v1.5
(see instructions below),
C) ...update Cuba to v1.2
(see instructions below),
D) ...then drag the entire contents of the Cuba 1.2 folder into the Attack 1.5 folder, so it looks like this (click).

E) ...that's it. Now, to play either Attack or Cuba with the mission maps, open the Attack Program. You'll see where you can choose the Cuba missions, or the Germany missions, or the Training (Arizona) missions, or the Cuba Demo. (You can still play Cuba as a stand-alone: instead of launching the Attack program, launch the Cuba Program which will also be inside the Attack folder along with everything else.)

A quick run-down on using the Attack Updater installers:
1. DL updater dmg file. (dmg files are disk image files and are Mac only)
2. Double click on it. A new disk will appear on your desktop. Open it.
3. Open the .sea file (self extracting archive) named "A-10 Attack! v1.5 Updater!" or "A-10 Cuba! v1.2 Updater". (These archive sea files are Classic apps like A-10 Attack & Cuba are themselves, so launching them will launch the Classic OS9 Environment if it's not already open.)
4. Open the .sea file, and install the Updater into your folder that has the original A-10 Attack program (or Cuba program, whichever updater you're installing).



Warthog Territory. http://www.a-10.org/ - Hands down the best page devoted to the Fairchild-Republic A-10 Warthog, due in large part to the best photo gallery you'll find anywhere on the web, but also features MUCH info about A-10 units, the author's Gulf War experiences, etc. etc.

Flight Sim

X-Plane. http://www.x-plane.com - Laminar Research. You can download a copy of the X-Plane Demo. X-Plane is probably the best civil sim (non-shoot-em-up) available for the Mac. It's around $50 with entire world and Mars scenery. ($40 if you can do with a limited amount of scenery.). DL the free demo. You will be impressed.

http://www.xv.flyer.co.uk/a10/resources.html - Richard Grant's A-10 Resources page.

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