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A-10 Keyboard Weapons Label Sheets

Blank labels (full sheet)        Default loadout labels

This is a sheet of blank labels, for use with A-10 Attack or Cuba, and for use with a 105 key keyboard. After trying many methods of putting loadout labels on my keyboard, this one has worked the best for me. NOTE: This is converted form a PICT (bmp) file, and normally fills all of the printable area of an 8.5 x 11" sheet (allowing for the 1/4" margins a printer will leave.) This would not print properly from my browser. The browser adds more than the 1/4 margins left by SimpleText (the program the original graphic ws printed from) forcing some of the image onto a second page. Yet, if you reduce the scaling so it fits, the label will not line up with the F-keys on your keyboard. I recommend saving the image and printing it from a graphics program.

Yeah, but why?

Most of the time when I'm playing A-10 Attack or Cuba, I'm horsing around and don't worry too much about which weapons I have on which stations. Every once in awhile though, I'll settle in, take some care setting waypoints and loadouts, and really focus on the game. On those occasions it's nice to have a quick weapon reference so I don't have to keep popping '2' to check the loadout every time I spot (or switch) targets.

Just clip along the dotted line, underneath a row of numbers, and you get a strip that's got plenty of room to jot weapons down before a mission. (Onscreen, stations '1' and '11' seem too close to the edge...when you print it those stations will indeed be slimmer than the other stations, but you'll still have plenty of room to write when the printer leaves it's obligatory quarter-inch margin.)

I left pylon 6 open, but the only thing you can load on it is a 600 lb fuel tank in A-10 Attack. In Cuba, station 6 is useless from what I can tell. (Not that I've ever needed an external fuel tank anyway.)

The two default loadouts are:

1. The default loadout in the network missions in Cuba v1.2. (8 Sidewinders, 4 Laser Mavericks, and 2 LG82s.)

2. The default loadout in the Air-To-Ground training mission in A-10 Attack. (In this mission you may see ROCK, signifying Rockeyes, on stations 2 & 10 when you "look down" at your weapons panel, but externally you can see these stations are always empty--not even any mounting racks. Curious, especially when you realize that you can't load Rockeyes onto 2/10...only 3/9 and 4/8.)


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