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Steve Russillo's Maundering Mess
est. 1997
Celebrating a quarter-century of not making the world a better place at all, but yakking aimlessly and endlessly about things that are important to me.
Which—from my perspective—does indeed make the world a better place, come to think of it.


Twitter/IG: @RussilloSM

Favorite Songs
(modified 02MAR23)

I'm constantly looking for new music to listen to and talk about. As you can see by checking out lists from years past almost anything is fair game, so suggest something, or better yet, e-mail me something. (Book discussion begins not quite halfway down the page.)

* ALSO: Any straight link to a YouTube page from this old-skool webpage frame won't work anymore
(they think I'm trying to pad my click count! Get it up into the double digits! Woo hoo!)
and you'll get something that looks like this:
so to see the link you must right click & Open In New Window .

14JUL21: I'm working on a couple fixes. It's such an OLD issue that easy solutions are legion.
(Unbeknownst to Yours Oblivioulsy, people have hated html frames for, well, probably decades now!)
15JUN22: ...and when I say "working" of course what I mean is...