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The Force Awakens, 2015   vs.   A New Hope, 1977
I very much enjoyed The Force Awakens, but when I first saw it, barely ten minutes of the movie had elapsed before it became clear the movie was glaringly—if not painfully—derivative of A New Hope. By the time it was over I felt it was even more so of course, but I wasn't sure just HOW much it had borrowed from the earlier movie until I sat down to write to a friend about it...and this poured out:

Let's play a game: In which movie do the following things happen? (BIG TIME SPOILERS HERE, be warned.)

•   In the first scene after the 3D intro crawl, a monolithic Carillion star destroyer demonstrates its size via a slow pass through the frame, during which said destroyer gives the impression of being far too big for any movie screen.
•   A Crucial Message is spirited away in the memory banks of a Crucial Droid before it can be intercepted by the Villainous-"Evil Empire". (This droid "speaks" in chirping bleeps, except when something "sad" happens to it, then it sounds much like a mourning dove.)
•   A Plucky Rebel removes a stormtrooper helmet and announces that he is rescuing a captive fellow Plucky Rebel.
•   Poor scavengers are shown scraping out a meager and soul-crushing existence on a desert planet, one of which desert dwellers is essentially an orphan, and boy oh boy, The Force Is Strong With This One.
•   A wise and trusted friend gives Anakin Skywalker's light saber to this Force-adept orphan.
•   Storm-troopers lead a charge to track down the Crucial Droid, which after a hasty escape ends up on said desert planet.
•   The "Evil Empire"—in hot pursuit—mercilessly slaughters innocents when the Crucial Droid escapes again. (This mendacious "Evil Empire" is led by a seemingly heartless mega-villain whose leadership is both spiritual and secular; He is an embodiment of The Dark Side, dresses almost entirely in black, wields a red light saber, and is mentored by an even more powerful and evil spiritual master.)
•   Good and evil alike congregate in a bar where strange live music and even stranger creatures are on display.
•   The "Evil Empire" has constructed a colossal, spherical, world-ending machine that, though it does indeed resemble a moon, be assured...that's no moon: It's a space station. The Plucky Rebels attempt to rescue one of their own from this space station.
•   Han Solo—having botched a job and been tracked down by his employers—tries to smooth-talk his way out of trouble. (At various times during the movie he says "I've got a bad feeling about this," and "I'm workin' on it.")
•   The Force-adept Orphan and a new friend look on, horrified, as the mega-villain kills their beloved father figure with a red light saber.
•   The Jedi master returns to action having disappeared when his star pupil (the aforementioned mega-villain) joined the "dark side."
•  Plucky Rebels fly x-wing fighters through the Space Station's equatorial trench and shoot at the station's weak spot to destroy the space station moments before its weapon can destroy the rebel base.

A. The Force Awakens! An "even more powerful and evil spiritual master" does not appear in A New Hope!

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