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Steve Russillo's Maundering Mess
1997 – 2014
Celebrating over 17 years of not making the world a better place at all, but yakking aimlessly and endlessly about things that are important to me. Which from my perspective does indeed make the world a better place, come to think of it.


Twitter: @RussilloSM


10NOV13. If I haven't said it before, I'm saying it now: The fact that Fluxblog ever existed is serious evidence for the existence of a Higher Power (stay with me) but the fact that it still exists—that Matthew Perpetua is still doing what he's been doing non-stop since 2002—is evidence of what is to my mind far better: the supremacy of other people's ideas as objects of focused thought, wonder, and gratitude. (And I say this as a fanatic school-teacher of almost every natural phenomenon you can name.) I check out every song he writes about (there have been hundreds by now) and have correspondingly adopted dozens as favorites. You will find almost none of them on mainstream musical outlets; hard work is its own reward. (NOTE: if you go, don't be misled by the comment boxes at the end of each post. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a comment that someone else posted, or when one of my own got past the initial Your comment is awaiting moderation stage.)

Favorite Songs
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I'm constantly looking for new music to listen to and talk about. As you can see by checking out lists from years past almost anything is fair game, so suggest something, or better yet, e-mail me something. (Book discussion begins not quite halfway down the page.)