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Steve Russillo's Maundering Mess
1997 – 2015
Celebrating over 18 years of not making the world a better place at all, but yakking aimlessly and endlessly about things that are important to me. Which from my perspective does indeed make the world a better place, come to think of it.


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And now, and oldie but goodie from five years ago...

Mindy Kaling, On the efficacy of appealing to potential thieves' moral sense in a ludicrously asymmetrical risk-reward scenario: "Before movies these days they sometimes show this anti-piracy ad that says 'You wouldn't steal a purse, would you? You wouldn't steal a car?' But you know something? I would steal a car if it was as easy as touching the car* and thirty seconds later I own the car. And I would steal a car if, after I stole it, the person who owned the car got to keep the car. And I would also steal a car if no one I ever met had ever paid for a car in their whole life."

* ...or clicking on a picture of a car.  -Ed.-


...or this one form four years ago, since one of the dates is coming up...
21st CENTURY FRACTIONS. Here's some nerdy fun. Assuming the 21st century begins a minute before 12:01 AM on Jan. 1, 2001 and ends a minute after 11:59 PM Dec. 31, 2100, here are the dates on which the following fractions of the century fall...according to my 36,524 row Excel spreadsheet. And if you feel—as I did long ago—that the century began 1/1/2000 instead of 1/1/2001, note that each fraction DOES NOT occur exactly one year prior to the date mentioned here, and you'll have to do your own math. (When you do you'll see why starting a century on 01JAN00 is illogical: quarter centuries end on 31DEC24 and a century is half over on 31DEC49 = no.):
1/12 = 02MAY09
1/11 = 03FEB10
1/10 = 01JAN11
1/9 = 10FEB12
1/8 = 02JUL13
1/7 = 15APR15
1/6 = 01SEP17
1/5 = 31DEC20
1/4 = 31DEC25
1/3 = 02MAY34
1/2 = 31DEC50
2/3 = 01SEP67

Favorite Songs
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I'm constantly looking for new music to listen to and talk about. As you can see by checking out lists from years past almost anything is fair game, so suggest something, or better yet, e-mail me something. (Book discussion begins not quite halfway down the page.)