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As always my intent here is to provide a resource for people who have read the book a while ago and would like some help remembering, OR, for those reading now who'd like a little help understanding. Scene spotters below (spoilers too, so read on at your own risk.)

Pagination is from the 2004William Morrow hardcover edition.

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Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 1 of9)

3     Barbary Coast, October1689

A massive cannon barrage from the shore rouses JackShaftoe who had fallen asleep on a beach; Beard down to his stomach; hearingsiren-like Turkish Music; Agha of the Janissaries arrives from Constantinopleand enters Algiers (the cannon fire was a salute to his arrival); SpeakingSabir; Jack is still wrestling with the pox; The other galley slaves thoughtJack was dead, and also (because of his Turkish sword) thought he was aJanissary; Moseh found Jack raving but not dead in the Janissary burial ground.• Yvgeney and Foot are still alive, as is van Hoek and many other familiarfaces; Moseh explains the ten-member slave rowing teams; Moseh has a plan forwealth and freedom; The Oar Team heads for the gate into Algiers after Moseh'shatchet-throwing signal. • Women in black dart about above the stone corridorsthe team runs through... ("A brace of slaves wandering around lost in aheathen citadel"); Dappa the linguist tells his story [Not enough slaves in Africa to meet the high demand,asking stupid—or poignant!—questions gets you enslaved... Dappa was owned byJames Stuart (James II) ]; The big Spaniard clears a path through crowd so theteam can enter the Banyolar (slaves' "dorm"); Wrestling match betweenYevgeny and Negro. • Oar Team Roster; Van Hoek's story ["He refuses to turn Turk, so the Captain rowsalongside us..."]; Moseh's story,Moseh's bead; Jeronimo's story[Peruvian silver in Panama; Darien convent; Jeronimo's Gift (i.e."miraculous" candor); Macho y Macho, protector of Spanish silver;Tutored by El Torbellino; Darien sacked; ...and defended by El Torbellino andJeronimo; El Torbellino buys the farm, Jeronimo gets famous but is sufferingfrom wounds and disease; Vera Cruz; Mexico City; Jeronimo's "gift"gets him in a spot of hot water with the Viceroy (as he describes, withmiraculous candor, alas, what is to be done with the Viceroy'swife...miraculous candor turns out to be Tourette syndrome)... ; Jeronimointercepts Spanish silver smugglers; Offends Mrs. Viceroy again; Ambushed as we entered Vera Cruz; Leveled the town;On my way back to Spain, captured and thrown in with you guys.]


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 1 of8)

43   Dundalk, Ireland, 6 September 1689

Bob Shaftoe's (dictated) letter to Eliza; d'Avaux andJames II sailed to Ireland; Jack's wife Mary & two sons; Sons inherited Impof the Perverse; Mary & boys move to Dublin; James II's army squats inabandoned protestant houses; James II attacks Ulster...while he's away, Shaftoeboys loot d'Avaux's mansion.


47   The Dunkerque Residence of theMarquis and the Marquise of d'Ozoir, Ireland, 21 October 1689

Bonaventure Rossignol; Eliza lives in d'Ozoir's houseand has at least one servant; History of Eliza's relationship with Rossignol(see Odalisque's penultimatechapter); Rossignol is visiting because Eliza made him jealous of Lt. Bart;Eliza liquidated her Amsterdam assets, gave the money to Eleanor and Caroline;Eliza was heading to London but was captured by Lt. Bart; Spotted by d'Avaux'sspy; Retained on board after others disembark; Eliza's fortune pirated; InBart's cabin, Eliza tells Bart of her dual ennoblements, and now Bart has aproblem: "A French privateer cannot steal from a French countess..."Eliza pays Bart in a different manner; d'Avaux accuses Eliza of spying; Elizaends up at d'Ozoir's with three servants and two marine guards; Someone sentEliza a bundle of d'Avaux's top secret letters which she can use to deflectd'Avaux's espionage charges. Rossignol heads to the library to go through them.• Eliza spies on d'Avaux-Bart meeting with telescope; d'Avaux visits Eliza,condemns her for political espionage (bad) and being a counterfeit countess(much worse, says d'Avaux) and threatens her with loss of her title andthreatens to throw her child into an orphanage. • Rossignol hides elsewhere inthe d'Ozoir's house as Eliza talks to d'Avaux; He sees Lt. Bart and mentallyprepares for a possible sword fight, as does Bart; They meet and after tenseintroductions, they shake. Rossignol awaits Eliza, Bart awaits d'Avaux;Rossignol tells Bart about Lady d'Ozoir's art, and the history of the House ofGuise/Holy Catholic League and the de Crepy family [Ancient de Gexes and deCrepys were in HCL, united against Huguenots (aka FrenchProtestants/Calvinists); de Gex descendant Francis and de Crepy descendantMarguerite begat Edouard de Gex, who currently is quite close to Madame de Maintenon;Anne-Marie de Crepy married Oyonnax; Anne-Marie's sister Charlotte is now Ladyd'Ozoir; Etienne d'Arcachon (whom all involved believe impregnated Eliza) isMarquis d'Ozoir's—Charlotte's husband's—half-brother. Got all that??]

Eliza tells d'Avaux his papers have been stolen andscattered, and that she has been able to round some of them up with somesuccess...so he better think twice about telling de Gex (and indirectly, via deMaintenon, King Louis) anything about her common lineage. • Rossignol leaves;three days later, d'Avaux returns; Eliza and son are late for his christening;Christened Jean-Jacques (after Jean Bart and "Jacques" Shaftoe);d'Ozoir talk; He sends Eliza to Lyon, to get money, for timber, on behalf ofKing Louis XIV.


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 2 of9)

83 Throne Room of the Pasha, the Kasba,Algiers, October 1689

Moseh tells the Turkish Pasha that the viceroy'streasure galleon could be hijacked at Guadalquivir Estuary sandbar [thisconversation mediated by the floor and the Pasha's slipper. No kidding. Mosehspoke to the floor, who, supposedly, spoke to the Pasha's slipper, who wasevidently the only one in the room with enough station to speak directly to thePasha.] Pasha says it's a good planbut how do we know that once we set you and your slave friends free you allwon't just take off?" "Tell d'Arcachon. He could be your eyes to thenorth;" They all see a guy get pushed off a wall onto a large hook; Pashasays d'Arcachon had asked him about "Ali Zayback;" [Say the namefast.] Jack knows about Ali Zayback.


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 2 of8)

93    ChČteau Juvisy, 10 December 1689

Antoine Rossignal builds Juvisy, and his sonBonaventure decides to stay there; Eliza visits, explains Lyon commerce toRossignol, and what she was doing there: ("Buying timber for d'Ozoir. Thede la Vargas brothers & Jacob Gold joined me from Amsterdam.") • Lyonis run on credit, the "Depot System" • Eliza met Gerhard Mann • Elizaexplains plan to Mann; Mann is IN • Tells Rossignol timber deal is done, but itwas a huge pain (need a new lawyer for each French district, pirates andextortionists steal timber: NOT WORTH IT.)


106  Dunkerque Residence of the d'Ozoirs,13 December 1689

Eliza tells d'Ozoir of the crazy timber procurement;d'Ozoir only gave her the job to confirm that it's still impossible, which itreally isn't; Eliza asks about the metal fortifications; Purpose of theCampaign of the North was to get Baltic timber; Etienne wants Eliza because shereminds him of Colbert: "You belong at Versailles whether you believe itor not." Elder d'Ozoir will be "pulled up" by Eliza's presence;Eliza will write to Daniel Waterhouse about money.


112  Cap Gris-Nez, France, 15 December 1689

Carriage prepares to depart, man (Bart) tossingbundled infant up and down; carriage departs, Bart standing rather than sitting(hemorrhoids?) • Discussion of Bart's rectal issues; Eliza explains how theArmy gets more money than the Navy "because Army valor is imminently morevisible than Naval valor, way out on isolated ships, but you Bart are famous(for an unnamed "recent exploit"...capturing her boat?) so you canget some money for the Navy." • Arrival at Versailles; Mssr. de Mayet •Etienne camped out in Versailles stable to avoid the appearance of improprietywhen Eliza (reputed mother of his bastard) arrived at his home, La Dunette •Jean-Jacques is at La Dunette • At Ponchartrain's office at Versailles [lyricaldescription of Ponchartrain's handling of the pen] where he documents Eliza's"donation" to Louis XIV's treasure (i.e. the money stolen by Bart'smen); As Ponchartrain writes, Eliza leaks in a few different ways…makes aconnection with Ponchartrain vis a vis the math of money • At La Dunette,Rossignol and Eliza are greeted by Duchess d'Archachon and Ponchartrain: theyboard a sleigh drawn by two albino horses; Eliza de-pantses Rossignol and, er,grabs the reins (or rein...); Duchess d'Arcachon is loyal and sincere, whichmakes Eliza—still poor—look like a schemer in comparison; They pass a shedwhere the Duchess's soap is being made; the sleigh enters Louis XIV's GrandParc; Ponchartrain confides that he is making new louis coins to replace theexisting ones at a higher rate; Rossignol has a happy ending which Ponchartrainmistakes for intellectual epiphany (but the Duchess rather doesn't); Elizabroaches the subject of the albino horses but the conversation is interruptedwhen Etienne rides up to announce that Louix XIV arrived at La Dunette just asthe sleigh had departed. • Big soiree...during a dance Rossignol explains toEliza about Duchess d'Arcachon's soap (some women used homemade soap to poisontheir husbands); Louis XIV cuts in on Rossignol to dance with Eliza, cornersher about her spying for Wm. of Orange; Eliza fesses up, then admits to wantingto kill "the man who wronged me" (her abductor); Edouard de Gex tellsEliza he will raise Jean-Jacques as a jesuit; Lt. (now Capt.) Bart's heroismfor rowing back across the English Channel from England [not for capturingEliza's boat as I surmised earlier—though he did do that. -smr- ] has garnered the King's respect and money, as Elizapredicted; Eliza frets that King Louis mistakenly inferred that she wants tokill Wm. of Orange.


139  Letter from Daniel Waterhouse toEliza, France, January-February1690

I won’t be too much help regarding money sinceAmerican money is almost worthless…people here have formed “credit clubs” andpay off accounts on the rare occasions they come into any cash; Whigs &Tories; Ravenscar (Roger Comstock) is a very powerful Whig who is using theRoyal Society for financial innovation and gain; Isaac Newton was a member ofParliament until William & Mary dissolved it.


141  Letter from Eliza to Daniel, April 1690

Letter begins with discussion of NEWTON vs. LEIBNIZ [Bothnames fully capitalized…perhaps this is code. – smr -] I often take Jean-Jacques to the King’s vegetablegardens; I live in a secluded cottage beyond the view of both Palace Versaillesand La Dunette; Duke d’Arcachon is away from La Dunette a lot, though he hasbeen writing me personally lately, presumably for help with some huge deal downsouth…


144  La Dunette, Mid-July 1690

La Dunette means “poop deck” which only makes sense asthe estate is on a hill overlooking Palace Versailles, but the mansion wasbuilt far enough down the hill so no one in the mansion could see down into thepalace; Duke and Duchess d’Arcachon are hosting a party, the guests (includingKing Louis) are out on the gazebo observing great revelry over at the palaceand in the surrounding gardens; commoners and nobles alike appear to becelebrating the death of William of Orange; Etienne raises several toasts torecent French military victories, and the partygoers observe a re-enactment ofthe Battle of Beachy Head talking place in the Grand Canal; The Duke hints toEliza about Etienne’s pending “propositions” (Eliza feels as if she has met theDuke somewhere previously…); Eliza overhears the Earl of Upnor discussing afemale slave (the duchess d’Oyannax notices Eliza overhear this.); James Stuart(James II, exiled in St.-Germain-en-Laye), plans to invade England via Qwghlm; Upnortells of his escape from England[p151. Riding away from London with a few colleagues and several horses, Upnor,wanting to cross the Thames, encounters a commoner, mounted and armed; It isBob Shaftoe attempting to free Abigail Frome [whom Bob presumably has notseen in five years, see Odalisque, June 1685] One of Upnor's men attacks Shaftoe who falls in the Thames anddisappears (presumably dead....)] • At dinner, the imposing duchesse d'Oyannaxmakes conversation with Eliza (Duke d'Arcachon refuses to eat, offering abizarre excuse about a special diet. Surely he's afraid of being poisoned...)News arrives that Wm. of Orange is very much alive. • duc d'Arcachon asks Elizafor help moving a large amount of uncoined silver ("Do not use the House of Haklheber when you obtain the Billof Exchange in Lyon!") In the Duke's wafting cigar smoke, Eliza smells farmore than death... ; Duke tells Eliza of a plan to avenge his family's honor [seeKing Of The Vagabonds, Spring 1685];They discuss d'Arcachon's albino horses, and Eliza learns that d'Arcachonobtained his albino stud stallion, Pasha, eleven years ago. • Eliza goes to thestable alone and realizes that Pasha is the very horse she was traded for inthe summer of 1679; Her rage builds, [evoking the blaze at Mr Sluy's housein Amsterdam, see KOV, June 1685]; Thestory of her abduction from Qwghlm is recapped [see KOV, Sept. 1683] as is her vow one day to find her abductor...; TheDuchess d'Oyonnax, noticing Eliza's reaction to the topic of slavery—and hertears of rage—assumes Eliza wants to kill Etienne. But Eliza sets her straight:father, not son. The duchess counsels patience...


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 3 of9)

165  The Gulf of Cadiz, 5August 1690

Aboard the galleot, Jack and crew see buildings andships of Cadiz, and their target: the viceroy's brig, loaded with silver. • Thefour-man "away team" prepares; Jack and the others scope out Sanlucarde Barrameda and Bonanza for landing areas. At night the four don europeanclothes and row out. Once ashore, Jack considers taking off on his own, butreconsiders for reasons having to do with promises he made to Eliza, and beinghunted by d'Arcachon. Jeronimo follows Jack ashore to keep him honest. Jacktalks to local vagabonds; the four split up; Jack passes a building and seesHackleheber through a window; Moseh explains Hackleheber; The four meet back upin a tavern and strike a deal with a local (who agrees to signal them when thebrig is in position) then return to the galleot. • Van Hoek prays...; Viceroy'sbrig arrives and heads up the Guadalquivir; Galleot sidles up to the brig andMr Foot makes his crazy faux carpet pitch to the men on the Viceroy's brig whorebuff him; The galleot conspicuously turns tail and heads up river; The brigdrops anchor at the Viceroy's villa; Dappa spies another ship flying Dutchcolors; Galleot captain returns Jack's janissary sword which Jack immediatelyuses to cut loose the galleot's anchors; Bonanza vagabonds head for theViceroy's villa (Jack told them the viceroy would give alms...); Jack and Dappajump in the river towing a barrel loaded with gear and swim to the brig; Thegalleot drifts toward the brig with the galleot's men screaming about being adrift;Jack submerges to cut the brig's anchor ropes; The current pulls Jack under thebrig's keel, shredding his flesh on the keel's barnacles; He manages to pullhimself above the waterline. • Galleot’s stern gets entangled with the brig’sbow; Yevgeny, Gabriel and Nyazi join Jack in the water under the brig’s bow;Disentagled, the galleot rows off, then comes back and passes nose to nose,sideswiping the brig; The brig’s calls for help are drowned out by other cannonfire, the brig drifts into the gulf; Galleot fixes a massive 30’ pole—like abayonet—to its bow; Jack and others board the brig over the bow rail; Jack getsa pistol from a defecating Spaniard; They ram the brig, the bow spear-headpiercing the brig to its heart; Dappa mounts the fore-top; Jack & Goto takemain-top; Jeronimo makes a “flowery oration in noble Spanish” through a“speaking trumpet,” telling the Spaniards what’s happening; Coarsairs board thebrig rounding up its crew; Gold is found belowdecks; They remember the Frenchyacht that’s still keeping an eye on them (“…d’Arcachon still has a knife toour throats…”); They haul; the gold over to the galleot. Discarding thoughts oftheir nimble galleot and the getaway they could make with it, the Cabal rowson, adhering to The Plan. Two frigates sailed toward them from Cadiz andchallenged them, but the galleot rowed on; “The day then dissolved into a longsickening panic…” [here on page 196, an unforgettable description of a day on agalley ship rowing for its life: Not everyone survived, “...the meaning ofsurvival was not entirely clear on a day like this. Certainly they would neverbe the same.”] Rain falls on them as they enter the Mediterranean from theStraits of Gibraltar.


197  Off Malta, LateAugust1690

Nyazi tells how all males in his clan, except forhim, were castrated by savages, and how his forty wives await his return; Hewas enslaved by Arabs, then traded to Turks, then to an Algerian Corsaircaptain; Vrej mentions the ostrich plumes (given to his family by Jack &Eliza back after Jack & Eliza first met… see KOV ] They pass between Sicilyand Malta; Vrej still feels the he and his family owe Jack for the plumes. •Back when they were still in the western Med, the non-cabal slaves were swappedfor some fresh ones, crates for the gold were brough on board, and a new drum;Accompanied by a heavily armed escort, the galleot dumps most of the oar slavesat Ras el Tib and raises the French flag. • Meteore is there waiting [mentionof the family crest with slave-heads.. d’Arcachon?] [1/4] Meteore’s inspectorsboard galleot and make cursory inspection; Has the rais (captain of thegalleot) told d’Arcachon or the Pasha about the gold? (“Perhaps he wants tohelp or join us?”); Meteore’s letter is in Latin; Pasha told duc everything isgoing according to plan: the galleot will go with the fleet to Alexandria andtell the duc then about the gold – not sooner. • d’Arcachon seeks Ali Zayback.• Rais & Dappa go ashore (Jack comes along disguised as a Janissary, asprotocol dictated) and negotiate with Pierre de Jonzac for fresh slaves,selecting them from several galleys; In one galley, Jack spots Monsieur Arlanc(see KOV); Another galley is in the harbor, aboard which an oarsman appears tobe signaling de Jonzac; Arlanc repays Jack for his kindness back ind’Arcachon’s stables [see KOV] and warns Jack about Dutch and/or English ships.• d’Arcachon kept the gold on the galleot because larger ships are biggertargets; Galleot evades attack; Arlanc’s galley is blown up and sinks, bow highin the air, galley slaves hanging by benches parallel to the now vertical deck;Cabal had inspected the new slaves closely before leaving Malta (a full set oflock-picks was found on a slave named Gerard); Jack locks Gerard to Arlanc’sbench and enjoins him to save himself (and Arlanc, as a by product.) • Cabal istold to go to Alexandria, but they plan for Cairo instead; Galleot avoids the“Investor’s” jacht; Rais hauls ass for Abu Quir, while the rest of the Frenchhead for Alexandria; Cruising through Turkish customs at Aby Quir, a Frenchsloop is coming so they depart quickly; Trapped in a circular current; Vrej isdespondent, recalling his father’s history with the Red Sea. • Visit to Rosettawigmaker. • Cabal squares off with de Jonzac & his dragoons; Rais makes a showof offering up “an English gelding” to de Jonzac and d’Arcachon: “We’ll see youand your master in Cairo in three days.” • They head up the Nile, maintainingthe ruse that Jack is a transported prisoner; They arrive at Giza where theystop and let Nyazi reunite with his clan; They release the galley slaves, fourof which decide to work with the Cabal; Gold is off-loaded from ship to camel.• Gold/Camel caravan enters Cairo to no fanfare or surprise; this ancient cityhas seen it all; Cairo’s central alley, the caravanserai; the route to Mocha isdiscussed; as they prepare to meet d’Arcachon, Jack polls each cabal member andinsists upon unflinching loyalty, and gets it (and REALLY gets it from VanHoek!) • d’Arcachon arrives at caravanserai, Jack awaits…the duc advances…Jackis joined by Arlanc and Moseh…negotiations begin…duc presents slavecancellation documents…Jack is somehow able to press his J-sword entirely intod’Arcachon’s horse’s chest. With flourish and aplomb, Jack avenges Eliza atlong last, leaving de Jonzac to tell the tale back in Paris. • The battleerupts, the stables are ablaze; Gold is loaded onto wagons; Jack is sliced inthe back by a bayonet, and other hand-to-hand action; A gold cart overturns;Cabal is hemmed in by ranks of French musketeers; Yevgeny battles Janissariesby spinning a half pike…Jack tried to help…Goto administers extreme unction(then death) to a French soldier; Rais is shot in the leg; Jack sees cameltraders (Nyazi’s clansmen!) fighting Janissaries on the rooftops; Jack makes apowder keg bomb; Yevgeny is shot as he ignites the keg with a well-launchedflaming spear...where does he go?; On horseback, Jeronimo mounts a one-manassault, killing five or six Frenchmen before being overwhelmed; When the smokeclears, four of the initial six gold carts are still in hand, three of whichactually make it aboard the riverboat; Nyazi and Moseh set up Dappa’s cannoncart; Jack helps Dappa hastily load the cannon as the rabble bears down onthem; Dappa waits until all are aboard the riverboat, then fires the cannon andmakes it aboard himself; van Hoek is captain once again, and makes full speedfor the Med via Rosetta; Nyazi and the Nubian (one of the four galley slaveswho joined the Cabal in Giza) stay behind in Egypt, the other ten sail on andreach the Red Sea.


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 3 of8)

257  Elizato Leibniz, Late September 1690

“I was in Lyon for a month, then at Rossignol’s(Juvisy) now heading to Paris; Juvisy is quiet after a killing frost; ‘Moneydoes not flow unless people make it work, and I have become one of thosepeople,’ What have you heard about Madame de Maintenon? She must be lonely, sheand her husband are both gay; Dauphine’s apartment is New Lesbos here atVersailles, ‘By no means was duchesse d’Oyonnax ever part of this little circleof clitoristes…’ Dauphine died,Dauphin married his mistress, much drama ensued; Duke told Rossignol to lookfor letters from Sanlucar de Barrameda in Early August; (in passing, shementions the brig heist) I’m now in Paris at d’Arcachon’s; had dinner withLothar von Hackleheber…he is so like a spider! I learned of Lothar’s recenttravels, he’s livid over therecent gold theft; Lothar’s spy network has served him well, he knows all aboutthe party on Oct 14; Speaking of which, I have to end this letter to assistwith preparations for the 14th.


265  Leibnizto Eliza, Early October 1690

“Lothar’s father Egon helped me get back into myfather’s library after I was locked out at age five; Lothar blames his fatherfor the death’s of his (Lothar’s) two brothers, for knowing alchemy but notusing it to save them.” • Eliza reading of the letter is interrupted as theduchesse of d’Oyonnax arrives. • In the chapel at Hotel d;Arcachon, Eliza tellsOyonnax about duc’s jacht; They trade more gossipy tidbits; d’Oyonnax doesn’tmuch care for Eliza, but likes d’Arcachon far less, and gives Eliza a greenvial of poison, “People will talk, after it happens. It’s not whether this orthat person believes you to be a murderer, or even can prove it, but whetherthey have the dignity necessary to level such an accusation.” [1/3] • Etiennearrives. • d’Avaux corners Eliza: he’s onto her; Etienne appears and asks Elizaeither to kill him, or…his proposal is interrupted by news that d’Arcachon’s carriageis arriving; de Gex arrives next and sort of finished Etienne’s thought… Elizabolts from the room. De Gex catches her and tells her that Rossignol hasmessages from Vrej. • Grand ballroom ceiling…de Gex asks if Eliza knows why itwas remodeled…what happened in this room in 1865? • Rossignol notes connectionbetween letters from Artan Esphahnian to Vrej Esphahnian, tells her howd’Arcachon pirated gold, not silver; Eliza demands to know what happened in theballroom in 1865; Jack’s epic party crash is outlined [see QS/KoV pp568-577for the astounding details] as is theway the Esphahnians were punished for it; Louix XIV’s carriage arrives. • Elizasuddenly needs to get rid of d’Oyonnax’s poison vial; She recalls how Lotharhad seen her with Jack back in Leipzig, but it was d’Avaux that saw her withJack in Amsterdam! All eyes on Duc’s carriage, whence de Jonzac emerges, with alocked box; Bedraggled footmen escort the emaciated de Jonzac into theballroom; King Louis enters, sees something is terribly wrong, addresses de Gexwho is attending to de Jonzac; de Jonzac delivers Jack’s message, to the horrorof all present. • d’Avaux prepares to identify Eliza as being ultimatelyresponsible for a’Arcachon’s murder, but she deftly interrupts his accusation witha public acceptance of Etienne’s implied marriage proposal; A funeral mass anda wedding are hastily called for (make that two funeral masses) as d’Avaux clams up and backs off;Upon arriving at La Dunette, Eliza discovers that Jean-Jacques has been kidnapped.(by “L” von Hacklheber)


292  SchloßWolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, December 1690

Leibniz and Fatio meet (is it a party?) and leave,discussing four brothers who were all interested in Sophie; “I want to build aknowledge engine,” Leibniz tells Fatio as they leave and walk out into thesnow. “I’ve stopped writing about dynamics and am finishing work onProto-gaea;” “Behold the Bücherrad!" [Asort of Ferris wheel for books that serves as a prototypical card-catalog];Numerical book cataloging, using prime numbers; Leibniz had to decipher hisfather’s library cataloguing system; In the stable shed, Fatio peeks atLebniz’s encoded and decoded letters from Eliza; Fatio was working with Newtonbut now is with Huygens, still defends Newton’s alchemy work from Leibniz’scriticism; They bicker about gold’s alchemical properties, and the mysteryforce between planets. • While Leibniz is still outside constructing agravitation model with snowballs, Fatio swipes several of of Eliza’s olderletters to Leibniz; Lebniz calls atoms “monads;” “You do not have a rivalFatio, but Isaac Newton does.”


309  Ireland, 1690-1691

Ireland in four jurisdictions (Connaught, Ulster,Leinster, Munster); Black Torrent Guards were stationed for two winters inBelfast, then move to Dundalk; Orange arrives in Ulster, his by a cannonballbut unharmed (thus the rumors of his demise); Orange routs James Stuart; Bobresumes command in battle, still seeking Abigail; Orange enters Munster; Bobtakes a bottle over the head and is nearly scalped; Bob, painfully bored,admires Connaught from across the Shannon; Bob had recruited protestants; Tomand Oliver follow Bob to his brooding tree, Bob gives them sword fightinglessons. • Oliver’s grandfather Good drives the Ferbanes from their Leinster farm.The Ferbanes had got it from the Crackingtons in the Rebellion of 1641, and theCrackingtons return to claim it from Good, who rejects their claim; AfterCharles II ascends, Goods take off for Massachusetts for religious freedom andthe Crackingtons return to the Leinster farm; When the Catholics come back intopower, the Crackingtons make for Dublin. Enroute they run into trouble and bychance are helped by some Goods. And this is how land is “owned” in Ireland,unlike in England where land ownership is clear. • Bob got a letter from Eliza;St Ruth is the new French Commanding Officer, Upnor is a Lt. General. • Huegenots are excited about St Ruth; Bloody Battle of Athlone; Bob worries thatAthlone won’t surrender, in which case he might have to kill his own nephews(Jack’s sons) if they’re in the town. • Bob’s unit moves toward Galway andencounters St Ruth’s army which hasn’t retreated at all; Jacobite (supportingJames Stuart) and Williamite (supporting Orange) lines for on either side ofthe bog at Aughrim; Bob and Capt. Barnes get testy; Jacobites (French) arecovering the causeway that runs through the bog; Bob’s unit is to advance downthat causeway road. • Irish are kicking much ass early in the battle; Severalprotestant attacks across the bog fail, then they charge the causeway; Bobtakes a round in the upper chest (St Ruth is using buttons for ammo?)Inexplicably, St Ruth does not counter-attack; Wrong-sized ammo dooms St Ruth.• Bob grabs a fresh horse and follows three riders away from the battle, one ofwhich turned out to be Upnor; Bob’s blade gets stuck in enemy flagpole; Upnoreuthanizes his horse instead of shooting Bob; While swordfighting, Upnor tauntsBob with lewd comments about Abigail; Upnor is quick, but Teague arrives tohelp Bob, finishing off the finest swordsman in England by bludgeoning him witha big stick.


344  AHay-rick, St.-Malo, France, 9 April 1692

Pillow talk between Bob and Eliza; Eliza has had asecond child (Lucien); Bob is spying for Marlboro; In Leipzig Lothar callsJean-Jacques “Johann, now aged three; Eliza curses Lothar, not for thekidnapping but for treating Jean-Jacques so well that the boy would bemiserable if Eliza got him back, but she says “Soon I shall act, and if I do itright, he won’t understand what has happened…”


350  Chateaud’Arcachon, St-Malo, France, 11 April 1692

Ponchartrain is now the Sec. of State for the Navy;Eliza runs her chateau salons; Her social obligations increase as the fleetarrives; “England has no money, so an invader has nothing to spend afterconquering her;” English pennies are minted then vanish [see Quicksilver…]OnPonchartrain’s yacht, Eliza speculates about silver; d’Erquy fixates on moneyowed him by Louis XIV (ie Ponchartrain;) Eliza wonders: how to mint Englishcoin, then get it into French hands;” Eliza’s complicated financial planbaffles her tablemates so she stages a skit to illustrate. [This skit is a huge favor NTS does for the reader. Thick as I am though when it comes to anything financial, I'm still too foggy on it to attempt an elucidation here! smr]


366  Elizato Lothar von Hacklheber, 12 April 1692

Eliza reassures Lothar she’ll get his gold back;Rossignol is trying to decode Esphahnian letters; Eliza sums up her plan to getsilver to England.


370  Elizato King William III of England, 12 April 1692

Majesty, you must tell Louis XIV his invasion isdoomed!


371  Elizato Monsieur le Chevalier d’Erquy, 13 April 1692

Here are the terms of the transaction…


374  CaféEsphahnian, Rue de l’Orangerie, Versailles, 26 April 1692

Samuel Bernard and Eliza meet at ChristopherEsphanian’s café and agree that they both “do not belong” with “these people“we are monstrous deviations, fell portents of undesired change;” we underminethe country with our finances; Bernard advises against Lyon, but Eliza talkshim into it; Bernard asks Eliza about India company, Elizxa agrees to tell himsomeday; Bernard leaves, Rossignol enters, jealous of Bernard. Eliza sets himat ease by recounting the beginnings of their affair [see Odalisque, p905?]Rossignol has read her mail and says she’s playing dangerous games,manipulating armies and markets; She responds ‘You think I’m diving back intothe sea of international intrigue, but in truth I’m only now finding a wayabove it.’


384  DanielWaterhouse to Eliza, 19 April 1692

‘You asked about the mint. Don’t ask me, askRavenscar.’


384  RogerComstock, Marquis of Ravenscar, to Eliza, 20 April 1692

Boilerplate flattery; Neale the former furnituresteward is in charge of the mint (James II is losing his mind); Neale prefersthe system to be rigged in his favor; PS If your plan is to mint coins to payFrench and Irish invaders, nice try. If the invasion shows even a HINT ofsuccess I’ll pay the invaders personally [this PS related in FAR more vividlanguage, of course!]


388  Leibnizto Eliza, 21 April 1692

‘I had to endure Lothar at a dinner given by Sophie;He predicted France would be humiliated, having gotten his info from certainwealthy persons who had been “brought to heel.”


391  Elizato Samuel de la Vega, 5 May 1692

‘Tell me if the Hacklehebers move any silver inAmsterdam.’


393  Elizato the Marquis of Ravenscar, 15 May 1692

‘Get silver in May, but be discreet!


394  Elizato Samuel Bernard, 18 May 1692

‘Use me as an intermediary so we don’t expose ouragents.’


395  SamuelBernard to Eliza, 23 May 1692

‘Here are five bills of exchange endorsed to you, theyexpire at the end of the month;Lothar wanted all in one big bill; Don’t present them in London until theinvasion is successful, and don’t forget about the different calendars!’


398  Cabinof Météore, offCherbourg, France, 2 June 1692

Eliza is aboard; French navy is kicking butt,Tourville’s and Russell’s flag ships are battling one another directly; TheFrench didn’t lose a single ship (Eliza’s plan right on schedule.) Then thewind dies, much fog sets in, and the standoff gets boring, and time startsrunning out as the days wear on; On the last morning of the month the fog liftsand Eliza signals someone in town that the plan can proceed; Ascot visitsEliza, a bit early. • Tourville’s ship burns, men abandon ship; Météore is boarded by the English; Eliza’s cabin is brokeninto and a maidservant is defenestrated; the invader has a prosthetic arm inthe shape of a three-part flail; Another maidservant is thrown out, Eliza bailsout too, followed by Brigitte and Mr. Flail-arm; Eliza’s hired ship (Arbalete)sails to the rescue; [1/2] Bob Shaftoe is aboard; Only Eliza boards the rescueship, dumbfounding her servants who get to row ashore with a one-armed man! •Anglo-Dutch go after a few French ships; Tourville is cornered on the eastcoast of Cotentin peninsula; Eliza ponders James Stuart’s litany of loss. • Bobmay return to England: ‘Serving in Paris has brought me no nearer to Paris(Abigail)’ he wants to rejoin the Black Torrent Guards and asks Eliza to put ina good word with Marlboro.


412  London, 4 June(N.S.) / 25 May (O.S.), 1692

Eliza is back in London, welcomed by Ravenscar; Elizawants to go to the Exchange, Ravenscar insists it’s beneath her duchesshood;Eliza tells him about Bob, wants to visit him in the Tower of London; Ravenscarmentions his surfeit of silver, Eliza says forget the Tower visit, take meHacklehebers! Ravenscar gets anxious as Eliza’s meeting inside Hackleheber’stakes well over an hour; They haul out eleven crates of silver pennies; Elizatells Ravenscar not to sell his silver just yet… Eliza sends a cabby aftersomeone who just darted from Hackleheber’s: ‘Probably going to fetch the restof the silver…;’ Now they go tothe Tower.


420  Gresham’sCollege, 10/20 June 1692

Eliza hustles to Gresham’s but they make her wait;Newton, Eliza and Fatio sit to talk; Newton summarizes his alchemy, Leibniz,gravitation and optics; Window spectrum, and other science discussions, afterwhich Newton abruptly asks about the gold Jack stole; ‘It was King Solomon’sgold’ with different alchemical properties from regular gold; Fatio and Newtonfear Jack will, being unable to appreciate the “special” gold, “con-fuse” itwith regular gold to make coins; This thought sends Newton into spasm. • Elizagoes to the House of Golden Mercury; Jean Bart hijacked silver enroute fromAmsterdam; One of the many lawyers present hints that they’re on to her; Elizais going after the House of Hackleheber – beats Lothar to the punch; With theHouse of Hackleheber teetering on the brink of insolvency Eliza brokers a dealthat will save its reputation; Hackleheber’s lawyers balk at the deal, butEliza threatens to tell all within earshot of their precarious situation. Theycave. • Eliza tells Bob she didn’t let Lothar off the hook; Bob insists ongetting Abigail back on his own [rejecting a seemingly simple solution offeredby Eliza]; Eliza tells Bob she miscarried, and sends him about his business.


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 4 of9)

437 Ahmadabad,The Mogul Empire, September 1693

Jack reports for duty in a fly-infested hospital runby Swapaks, where he strips down and is hog-tied and lowered into a pit so thatsick or injured blood-drinking creatures may feed on his blood; Jack talks toSurendranath (former galley slave with Jack) as he feeds the centipedes, ticks,etc; Surendranath and Jack discuss the gold that was stolen from them; After his shift, Jack absent-mindedly kills amosquito on his neck, enraging the Swapaks, and forcing himself and Padraig tobeat a hasty retreat from the hospital; They release many sick creatures ontheir way out; A pair of soldiers on horseback intervene and want to talk toJack, who scatters their horses with tiger poop; Surendranath is carried off ona palanquin. • Jack and Padraig find work begging in the Ahmadabadcaravanserai; Jack announces they have another job, just as a bloody ox bonefalls from the sky. • They head west out of town with Surendranath. • Roadsidecamp southwest of Ahmadabad – Jack tells Surendranath of IQ test (Vrej &Arlanc are probably soldiers around here since they showed that they knew howto load and fire a musket; The Terror of the Idolators, the Dispenser ofMayhem, the Shatterer of Worlds, the Bringer of Thunder; They see roadsideweavers as they head toward Diu; Jack asks about the nature of –stan as theyhead south to Diu; the Galleot had been beset by two ships, one looked Balochibut actually was Sangano pirates; The the galleot AND the Sangano pirates werethen jumped by Malabar women pirates! They encounter a river and a fort; Jackpredicts if they set out of Delhi they will die, they must wait for othercaravans to try and fail first. • Beggar’s row at fort/town; European beggar(Foote) daring himself to eat a raw kidney; Jack yanks him out of the market. •While bushwhacking on the way south to Diu Surendranath’s hired Hindoodisperses bandits by threatening to slit his own throat; In the Diu suburbsthey find van Hoek brewing beer.


462 TheSurat-Broach Road, Hindoostan,A month later (October 1693)

Cabal members are nursing serious burns and otherwounds. • Jack has plans for camel shit and human piss; Building a hugecauldron for piss; Boiling off the piss; Big funnel…extracting phosphorus,decanting it into bottles. It gets away from them, exploding spectacularly. Sothey were run out of town and escaped to sea in a boat. • On the road to Narmada;Jack notes different curved swords; They land at port of Surat and head north;some of the mercenaries bolt; Maratha attack; Night battle at the Oxbow;Phosphorus ghosts ride on!


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 4 of8)

483  MrsBligh’s Coffee-house, London, September 1693

Four years after Daniel was "cut for thestone" [bladder stone removed; see final page of Odalisque], he meets Roger Comstock at coffee house; Danielcomplains about London economy based on credit, wants to go to America; Rogerhas a way for Daniel to go, in service to England; What is Juncto? Daniel muses on recoinage; “You want a scientistrunning the mint.” Roger wants Newton to do it, Daniel objects; Mr White bitesEllis’s ear off; Roger poniardsWhite’s hand to the wall. • Daniel ponders his bladder stone, cowardice, andhis own fears, goes looking for Newton. • Visiting Cambridge, Daniel givesDominic Masham Leibniz’s book and letter for Isaac Newton. • Daniel meets theJuncto at Apthorp's; Daniel asks Marlboro about Isaac running the mint... •Daniel makes sure Ravenscar is sure about Isaac. • Halley shows Danielactuarial tables. • Locke tells Daniel that Isaac is sick. • Daniel and Pepysshare a jolly piss break and notice that Isaac seems to be going mad; Danielarrives at Oates, Fatio is in the library, Isaac is in a weird way; Danielconfronts Isaac re alchemy with unification - alchemy will take it all down(sailor's depth line analogy); Daniel comes right out and tells Fatio 'You'reholding Isaac back,' then mentions the mint job; Isaac seems to come to hissenses and forcefully puts Fatio in his place; Spurned Fatio leaves; Isaac goesinto some sort of paranoid spasm.


510  BonaventureRossignol to Eliza, March 1694

France is impoverished!


511  Elizato Rossignol, March 1694

Adelaide (born Jan 1693); Lucien died; Junctoestablishing new system; I'm going to Leipzig.


514  Elizato Ponchartrain, March 1694

Eliza offers to sell loans to Ponchartrain.


516  Rossignolto Eliza, April 1694

Tells Eliza about Vrej; Rossignol and Ponchartrainforge a bogus reply to Vrej from his family in Paris; All correspondencebetween Vrej & his brothers has been filtered by de Gex; Cabal opened theSurat – Delhi road; Vrej is staying in India


521  Pretzsch,Saxony, April 1694

Sophie takes Eleanor and Caroline in; Eleanor marriesElector Johann Georg IV, moves to Dresden; Eliza meets Eleanor and Caroline atriver dock.


525  Ponchartrainto Eliza, April 1694

To which charities do I donate when the money startsrolling in?


526  Elizato Ponchartrain, May 1694

Money won't roll in until "obligations" areassigned to fruitful sources: Talk to Bart, privateers thrive as the rest ofFrance despairs.


527  TheDower-house of Pretzsch, April and May 1694

Eliza, sick in bed, gets the long version of why Eleanorlives away from Johann; [Johann Georg is very stupid, as is his mistress vonRoohlitz; Marries Eleanor anyway, spurns her, wants to marry von Roohlitz whilestill married to Eleanor; Tried to kill Eleanor, failed, so Eleanor left] •Johann Georg got word that Eliza was visiting Eleanor, so is himself coming. •Eliza gives Johann Georg and von Roohlitz a sex lesson...and gets herselfimpregnated. • Eliza has smallpox; Eleanor judges Eliza for intentionallyinfecting Johann Georg, Eliza calls bullshit.


534  JeanBart to Eliza, May 1694

Lothar and Ponchartrain are hitting Jean Bart up forhis privateering spoils, Jean Bart asks what he should do.


537  Leipzig, May 1694

In the carriage, from Pretzsch to Leipzig, Elizaadvises little Caroline to be proactive in life's affairs; Eliza's smallpox onthe wane, but leaves her pocked and smaller; Johann Georg and von Roohlitzsuccumb to pox. • Arrival at Leipzig, it seems so mall to Eliza comparedto her memory of it [re KoV/QS p413]; Eliza and Caroline and crew visit Leibnizin a church; Trade has ceased in Leipzig [2/3] Eliza spots Flail-arm (fromp405) as she arrives at House of Golden Mercury [re KoV/QS p 426] Jean Jacqueappears, playing Indian, in courtyard; Lothar reads to Jean Jacques (he callshim Johann), who falls asleep; Eliza and Lothar square off re JeanJacques/Johann: Lothar tells Eliza: "You won, I'm destroyed. All I haveleft is little Johann and my love for him. I will not give him up."(Insight into Enoch Root's longevity, p549) • Turns out that Flail-arm isYevgeny, who attacks Lothar—on Jack's behalf—but is blocked by little Johann'sarrow; Eliza says if you want to do something for Jack, go after de Gex;Yevgeny nearly destroys the bank removing the harpoon head from one of thebank's walls.


554  Elizato Jean Bart, May 1694

Eliza tells Jean Bart to send his"privateerings" to Lothar in Dieppe. • Eliza seals letter & givesit to a rider.


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 5 of9)

559  SouthernFringes of the Mogul Empire,Late 1696

A river is created, one bucketful at a time; Jack S:"We will inspect our potato." Potato R.I.P.; Enoch Root sampledsaltpeter, wants to talk to Jack; Jack was awarded his kingdom (such as it is)for his victory at the Oxbow battle (p479) • Jimmy & Danny kick the shitout of Jack who is somehow able to subdue them. Jack explains his long quest. •Jack explains why he's tactically losing a few battles ('if I appear toodangerous they'd send assassins for me'); Teak wood is bug proof. • Villagerscut up teak logs. • Enoch and Carnaya in river; Magnets. • Peg Makers v. PlankWhittlers • Wood sculpture of multi-armed lady laying on beach (giant shipbeing built) [another reference to Enoch's longevity p577] Jack wants to borrowcannons from Enoch; Not borrowing, "entering into a relationship." •Caravan of Persians; Teacups, teakwood, bamboo; Armenians and Persians makingsteel; Steel eggs given clay shells; Wootz; Reticulated wootz. • Malabar queenhas gold.


586  Malabar, Late1696 and Early 1697

Travelling to Malabar; Exchange at city limits;Arrival in Malabar; Jack caught in crossfire; Blunt tipped arrows; Entering thequeen's palace; They see Dappa's sword outside the queen's chamber; Arlanc andMoseh are in another apartment studying the ship; Goto tending a desert garden,draws on palm leaves; Jack and Enoch consider Goto's Japanese sword; GabrielGoto's Story: My family have beensamurai; Two clans: low-landers and mountain folk (my people) Baron's minttheir own coin; Portuguese Jesuits bring guns; Goto's low-land cousins ally withTokugawa, who wipe out Jesuits and Toyotomi in only forty years; Goto's fatheris a ronin who smuggled goods toJapan and Christians to Manila, and married a young Japanese woman; Grew up inManila; Learned Malabar language; Met the Pope; Was captured by Corsairs andpressed into gallery slavery [Malabar Queen Kottakkal emerges – Dappa had beentranslating Goto's story for her—Queen's physical appearance; Queen tells whyshe allowed the Cabal to live, bids Enoch follow her as she strolls out]Gabriel tells Jack about monetary issues in Japan and Manila; Mitsui familyfounded a bank (all are still following the striding Queen) Edo [today known asTokyo] has a million people now; Out on the Queens balcony; Don't ask the Queenwhere she got that mast; Russians will come from the north so Gabriel's samuraiwill move north to mine cooper; Japanese will get wootz from India; Gabrielgroks the father-son bond after viewing the Sistine Chapel ceiling. • Mastspulled through town and celebrated; Jimmy & Danny Shaftoe work the Queenover; Jack gets a ride to Dalicot. • Unfinished, mastless ship arrives atMalabar from Dalicot; Van Hoek inspects the three masts, discovered coinsembedded in bottom of mast. • While preparing to bring masts out, Jack pondershis ill-fated tryst with the Queen, who'd not been aware of his deformity;Queen flings neck rings to cut masts loose in river, challenges Jack to bravecroc-infested waters to save them [3/4] Jack seems surprised to be the de factoleader of the Cabal [Really? After demanding they each swear loyalty to himback on page 232??] but with the Impof the Perverse nowhere in sight Jack cannot dive in; Grabs chickens and ropeto battle crocs; Climbs about the floating mast-raft & drift toward theQueen; Monster croc is battled by Jack & sons. • Jack wants to name theboat Eliza, Enoch talks him out of it...names it Minerva. (see Quicksilver)


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 5 of8)

621  TheThames, February 1696

Roger Comstock and Daniel on ferry boat across Thames,discussing attempts on King William III's life; Mention of Charles White theear-biter [whom we met back on p490]; England's continued financial crises;Daniel going to Massachusetts; Royal society declining; Isaac starts at themint in May; Roger tells Daniel a jacht awaits at the Tower Wharf. • It's the Météore, Roger & Danielinspect it. • William was going to give Météore to a queen, but she died, so hegave it to Eliza as a peace offering to the French; Daniel spies two Toriesspying on the Météore from atop Salt Tower, spies back at them out a bathroomwindow. One is Charles White [bit Ellis's ear off back on p490] the other issome friend with gleaming ivory dentures.


630  Dunkirk, March 1696

Harbor is jammed but Jean Bart makes room for theMétéore; Eliza and JJ/J board; Daniel sees that Eliza has matured since last hesaw her; Eliza tells Daniel what happened to Father de Gex...In the Versaillesgardens, Yevgeny harpooned him in the thigh, he caught an infection and died;Perhaps de Gex was killed in response to the assassination attempt on Wm III?Daniel tells Eliza he saw Upnor/Anglesey's brother Count Sheerness with Smithup on Salt Tower...when Upnor died, Sheerness inherited Abigail (tells Eliza ofhis pact with Bob Shaftoe); Daniel shows off Whig (Bank of England) and Tory(Land Bank) notes...the Tories are ascendant so their money is worth more atthe moment; Eliza explains derivatives to Daniel.


637  AnAbandoned Church in France, March 1696

De Gex awakens in a coffin, tells d'Oyonnax everythingabout Jack, Eliza, the Juncto, Rossignol, etc. De Gex wants everyone to thinkhe's dead; D'Oyonnax sets de Gex up with a new identity (Edmund de Ath, aJansenist) but patently refuses to tell him how she brought him back to life.


642  WinterQuarters of the King's Own Black Torrent Guards Near Namur, March 1696

Col. Barnes has a letter for Bob Shaftoe from Eliza;Jimmy & Danny are AWOL; Barnes: "The war's over, Jimmy & Dannywere smart enough to anticipate this." Eliza says Abigail is nearby;Barnes: "Shaftoe! What better training exercise for the Black TorrentGuards than to get you a wife!"


646  TheTrack to Pretzsch, April 1696

Eleanor is gravely ill; Daniel and Leibniz will escortCaroline to Berlin and are heading to Pretzsch to get her; Nobles aren't reallyinto scientists. • Three carriages heading to see Sophie Charlotte; YoungCaroline peppers Daniel with questions (his Massachusetts work, money, alchemy,and especially monad theory v. atomic theory); the nature of gravitation;Daniel tells of his Logic Mill.


657  AHouse Overlooking the Meuse Valley, April 1696

Barnes chats with Sheerness's head of security at themain gate (Black Torrent Guards have taken Sheerness's house) tells him thatthey will be taking the Englishwoman. • Bob breaks into the attic where themaids are hiding, asks for Abigail, and she passes out. [Who wouldn't aftereleven years? Captured at age 16 in 1665 and sold by Jeffries to Upnor(Quicksilver p700); Bob tried, in 1670, to recapture her but was confronted byUpnor at the bridge, back on p151.] •Recapping Bob & Abigail's intermittent history; A proposal, hastily madeand hastily accepted. • Quick wedding on the lawn, everyone's crying tears ofjoy; Barnes dismissed the Black Torrent Guards into the countryside; Bob &Abigail, riding one of Sheerness's white horses, follow Barnes west.


665  HerrenhausenPalace, Hanover, August 1697

Electress Sophie struts atop a long table wearing aball gown, swinging a rapier at a bat that has gotten in, and demanding thatLeibniz tell her about her daughter Sophie Charlotte; Leibniz outlines Eliza'schildren, interests and location for Sophie; Sophie wants to meet Eliza; Theycompare Bernoulli & Fatio's calculus notation to Newton's. ("The sameFatio that rescued Wm. of Orange?" "The same.") [Odalisque,Dec. 1687; QS p750] They discuss"symbology," (sorry, could not resist)


and a decimal Library Card Catalog system' Sophiekills the bat as her son Georg Ludwig enters with news that Tsar Peter the Greatand Sophie Charlotte have arrived; Leibniz can't get his bat-gut-smeared rapierscabbarded quickly enough and Peter's guards draw on him; Peter stays hisguards, and recognizing Leibniz as the one who gave Sophie Charlotte themammoth's molar. Peter appears ready to help Leibniz financially.


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 6 of9)

679  Japan, May1700

Minerva drops anchor with all cannons run out; GabrielGoto is home at last; Jack isn't even halfway; To Jack's surprise, it appearsthere are no demons or phantoms in Japan, just piers, boats and people likeeverywhere else; Jack explains the naming of Eliza Peak on Queena-Kootah; Dappawarns of the danger of dropping anchor in Japan illegally [They're on somewestern shore of Honshu, perhaps near Niigata.] Three Japanese in ornate kimonos approach the Minervain a longboat; Minerva's crew experiences cold for the first time; Gotoprepares to leave Minerva, presents kitana to Jack; Jack proclaims: "Weare a cabal no longer; What began at the banyolar in Algiers [p24] has dissolved here." Van Hoekgives wootz eggs to samurai; Enoch disembarks to test the Japanese mercury;Many goods are transferred between Minerva and the Japanese; Enoch spots thereinforcing harbor wave frequency as a trap; offers an elegant solution. •Mercury flasks are topped off; The Japanese realize their trap failed andattack Minerva, who deftly repels the attack. Dutch ship draws alongsideMinerva; Enoch prepares to disembark for good by telling Jack about the gold atthe Solomon Islands, and why everyone is pissed at Jack for stealing theBonanza gold. [Another reference to Enoch's longevity.] • Mariners can discern latitude but not longitude;Typhoon near Formosa blows Minerva southeast; She later heads west to passnorth of the Philippines, then south to Corregidor; At Cavite castle, Moseh,Surendranath, Jimmy and Danny row out to Minerva; Jack considers Manila;Minerva creeps past a Cavite shipyard, where a monstrous ship is being built;Jimmy and Danny tell Jack how Moseh made a deal with the Spaniards; Van Hoekassembles all Minerva's hands on deck, tells some "I'll see some of you ina month, some of you never again;" As a storm brews and St. Elmo's Fireappears, van Hoek points to the shipyard and tells of the huge ship's mission:as the Manila Galleon she'll make the incredibly lucrative but lengthy andtreacherous Manila-Acapulco run.


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 6 of8)

707  Berlin, January1700

Leibniz, in Berlin, writes to Daniel in Massachusetts;I'm president of Berlin Academy; (update on the Newton Calculus debate) Elizais a stately duchess now and I don't hear from her as much; She's still quiteopposed to slavery; The prince of Bavaria died, Roman Emperor's son Charleswill be King of Spain...and Louis XIV wants Spain in the worst way; Berlin wasabsorbed by Prussia, so I now work for Tsar Peter; (Details of Leibniz's LogicMill) Peter is fearsome, but a huge supporter of science.


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 7 of9)

715  ThePacific Ocean, Late 1700 and Early 1701

Three-day layover in Marian(a) Islands; Manila Galleonis a heavy ship, turned south, the east through the Philippines; Minerva waitstwo weeks after Galleon sets sail then heads north then east around Luzon, thensouth and waits for Padraig to signal that Galleon has finally cleared thePhilippines. When he signals, Minerva heads due east for 1500 miles...it'simportant that Minerva and the Galleon are never seen together; Minerva trailsthe Galleon north, looking for the easterly trade winds, encounters severeweather, is quite "taken a-back" amid mountainous waves; Minervafights the storm for two days straight, exhausting the crew; Minerva wanderseast for most of October, and the crew begins seeing mirages of the Galleon,and she seems to have weathered the weather in fine shape...though it's notlong before a fire breaks out. Minerva's crew wants to go help, but van Hoekknows better: "We wait for the magazine;" And they do, and siftthrough the wreckage afterward. • Arlanc talks to Edmond de Ath [p640] the solesurvivor of the Galleon disaster; de Ath impresses Minerva's officers with hisreligious diplomacy; Dappa finally asks de Ath about the disaster and de Athtells the tale; Galleon's captain had told of his ship's conspiracy with theMinerva for Acapulco profit-sharing; Elizabeth de Obregon also survived. • AsArlanc & Jack cop a squat, Arlanc tells Jack doesn't trust de Ath, andexplains about de Ath's & Obregon's Solomon Islands voyage; • Arlanc dies,Minerva drops anchor in San Francisco bay. • Minerva crew "eats upCalifornia"; Jack overhears Obregon & de Ath; At dinner, Moseh andObregon discuss his trips to the Solomon Islands. • Minerva departs SF Bay;Vrej reminds others of his worldwide Armenian network; Jack, Moseh, Vrej &Dappa each decide what he'll do when they reach Acapulco (Moseh, Jack &Jack's sons are staying on land, Vrej & Dappa continuing on the Minerva) •Minerva loops around Three Marys islands and stops over in Navidad; Obregon& de Ath meet often and alone; Minerva crew tries to fool Obregon & deAth about the Quicksilver on board; Obregon & de Ath's letters to mainlandauthorities will dictate how Minerva's officers will be received in Acapulco;Spain has a new King; Castellan of Acapulco sends boat out to Minerva froObregon & de Ath; Minerva continues down the coast to Port Marques. • Mosehmeets up with some refuse slaves from Jamaica who, along with zillions ofothers, came to Acapulco in anticipation of the Manila Galleon's arrival; vanHoek refuses to get cozy at Port Marques, waiting for Mexico City's response toObregon & de Ath; Jack's too old to party, but can fake it to get info(Jimmy & Danny don't need to fake it); The Viceroy wants the mercury, butonly a Catholic can bring it to him: de Ath gets the job.


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 7 of8)

749  CharlottenburgPalace, Berlin, July 1701

At Caroline's 18th birthday party,Leibniz's present is revealed in the library: an Enormous wire globe, intowhich Caroline promptly climbs; Leibniz's overarching fear; Austrian Jesuit vonMixnit initiates a philosophical/religious debate with Caroline; Carolinewonders where she'll end up, with George in England or Frederick in Prussia.


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 8 of9)

759  MexicoCity, New Spain, Sukkoth 1701 [Sunday October 16 – Sunday October 23, 1701]

(Inquisition got Moseh, Jack & de Ath, but notDanny & Jimmy) Jack & Moseh eat dinner with prison warden and wife;Jack's gold & ivory dentures are lost; Salamon Ruiz takes a wife; Afterdinner walk...how many times around the town square? Jack hears de Ath beingtortured. • Moseh & Jack "press" de Ath about what theInquisitors want; "Obregon was in shock for a long time, when she camearound, I was the first one she saw; she ratted me out;" de Ath urges Jack& Moseh not to crack under torture: "Madrid is already partiallyenlightened, Mexico is run from Madrid, Fonseca won't push us too hard here. •In the prison courtyard Jack puts his ear to the ground and hears coins beingminted outside the walls; An auto da fé is scheduled for two months from now; Jack & de Ath's torture isdetailed, but Moseh gets off light since he has money.


772  MexicoCity, December 1701

Everyoneturns out for an auto da fé, it'san all day event; Jack, Moseh & de Ath are wearing rd-X dunce hats but theyhave the mercury and thus control currency flow; Jack spots Jimmy, Danny,Tomba, and Obregon in the crowd (de Ath seems to be trying to communicate withObregon); The six (Jack, Moseh, Tomba, Jimmy, Danny & de Ath) skip town;Moseh notes the new century of Enlightenment. • The six ride north, through andaround villages and towns; Jimmy & Danny have been working the quicksilvermarket while dad was in prison; Moseh announces his intention to cash out so hecan lead a band of "crypto-Jews" north into New Mexico. • de Ath willhead to New Vera Cruz [see p38]and await the arrival of the Minerva. • The remaining four leave Zacatecas tofetch the cache of quicksilver—and van Hoek's books—from Cabo Corrientes anreturn to Zacatecas; Jack receives a letter he can't read, stashes it in withvan Hoek's books; Disparate caches are leapfrogged in the general direction ofVera Cruz. • When Minerva reaches Vera Cruz, Jack, Danny, Jimmy & Tombareunite with van Hoek, Vrej & Dappa; They want to leave shortly after aSpanish Treasure fleet heads to Spain so pirates won't mess with Minerva. •Silver pigs and mercury ar corralled from caches and loaded aboard the Minerva.• They read the letter a month after departing Vera Cruz...it was from Eliza! She has heard of Jack's travels and travails, andwants the Minerva to pick up a Mr. James Hh in Londonderry who can pilot theMinerva through Qwghlm's treacherous rocks, so they can visit her at QwghlmCastle. Van Hoek suggests London, so a sort of vote is taken and Qwghlm wins,but van Hoek doesn't like it.


Henceforth thetwo novels' storylines are no longer merely interleaved....


788  Qwghlm, August1702

Mr. Hh runs the Minerva aground at Qwghlm and theFrench Navy surrounds them – a complete setup; Van Hoek self-mutilates again[p233]; Dappa goes after Vrej, who draws on Dappa then jumps overboard; Jimmyand Danny are raring to fight, but Jack stays them: "This is not to beanother Cairo." • Jack is imprisoned in Qwghlm castle; Minerva isunloaded; De Ath is de Gex of course, and he tells jack that the originalletter was from Obregon, de Ath/Gex wrote and planted the fake, with crucialaid from Vrej; Obregon's letter tells what actually happened on the ManilaGalleon. • As the Minerva is part-owned by Electress Sophie, the ship and creware spared by the French; Jack asks de Gex about his acting in the Mexico Cityprison; de Gex asks Jack about the gold he stole from the Viceroy atCadiz/Bonanza/Barrameda: "Queen Kottakkal stole it from us at Malabar." Jack and de Gex watch the Minervaclose-haul and get out of dodge. How can she be so fast with all thosebarnacles, and how so stable with no cargo? Why, her hull is plated with acertain heavy, barnacle-proof metal, of course. • Eliza arrives on the Météore;Jack is strapped to a portcullis gridiron and positioned behind mirrors inEliza's bedchamber; Etienne confronts Jack, telling him how Vrej was duped intothinking Jack had betrayed his family, so Vrej would help de Ath/Gex trap theMinerva; In the bedchamber Etienne slaps Eliza around and essentially rapes herwhile smirking at Jack through the mirrors; That this behavior was, for Eliza,routine to the point of near-boredom, made the scene not especially torturousfor Jack as Etienne had clearly intended; After a month of imprisonment, Jackis taken to LeHavre.


Book 5: The Juncto, (chapter 8 of8)

805  HotelArcachon, October 1702

Jack revisits Arcachon Ballroom, this time alone, withKing Louis XIV; Louis wants Jack to work with de Gex to crush the English mint;Vrej, Eliza and Etienne enter; Louix tells Vrej and Jack to let bygones bebygones and shake, and they do, but Vrej has something, literally, up hissleeve, and suddenly avenges his family before Louis's eyes, then turns the gunon himself. • That Jack might be less distracted on his new monetary missionfor France, Louis makes Eliza swear to avoid Jack permanently; Louis to Jack:"Now take your time, do it right, and Eliza and her kids will be welltaken care of."


Book 4: Bonanza, (chapter 9 of9)

813  EnRoute From Paris To London,October 1702

Jack rides a specially chartered brig toLondon—first time he's been home in...decades?—the brig which turns up theThames and cruises right over his boyhood stomping grounds [KoV p1] spendshours creeping through river traffic and finally drops anchor right in front ofTraitor's Gate; Jack sees a white-haired man atop the tower: "The game hasbegun Mr Newton, and may the best man win!"

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