The 2019 newsletter just ate and can't go swimming quite yet!
(It should be up and running within a week or so!)
OK that was around Jan. 22, and I'm no closer to finishing
this thing, so let me be perfectly honest: Last year was terrible
for me on many fronts (health, career, etc.) Some things that I'd taken
for granted were upended and thrown into chaos, while others
changed for the worse so slowly that I didn't see it happening.

2020 has been so much better!!

...and I'm finding that, when I have time to sift through
photos and recall events from last year, I make excuses not to do it.
Or when I do sit down I can't focus on it for more than five minutes.

BOTTOM LINE: I *do* intend to do a newsletter, and I do intend for it to
be ready by at least ::::shrugs:::: (why not!) February 29? (Alas, for the three
or four of you who genuinely look forward to this thing each year,
no guarantees, sadly.)

Aaaaaand that was around Jan. 30, and while I am indeed in a better place,
a couple very unique and very positive work obligations have popped up
requiring my extended focus. So at this point I'll just say don't be surprised if
the '19 newsletter appears, but also don't be surprised if it doesn't!
And THAT was around March 2.