ABOUT THIS VIDEO...(this was about my 9th attempt to record this, via various media. It ain't perfect, but it'll do!)

- I KNOW THE VIDEO IS SHAKY. I made myself seasick when I previewed it! You may want to just listen to the audio. (I recorded a few static-camera versions and I didn't like them, so I'm sticking with this sea-sickness-inducing hand-held version.)

- IT'S SLIGHTLY BLURRY because I had to down-grade the quality so it wasn't a full GB in size! (Got it down to 40-50 MB! Boo-yah!)

- At the 3:20 mark: "I don't think I've talked 90 min/week in my ftf classes" A mild exaggeration...BUT BARELY. At the start of the year, the first two or three days I'll talk for most of the period covering expectations, etc. But on a regular day? I'll talk ten minutes at the start, discussing the journal question, and then you do the lesson. But me talking a lot is RARE; it works great for other teachers, but in my case, students do not engage well when I straight-up lecture; I rarely do it.

- At the 6:26 mark (and the 7:38 mark, and the 9:10 mark!): "I think that's gonna do it..." (Talks several more minutes! LOL)

- At the 7:50 mark: large time windows for assignments. THAT'S HOW IT WAS IN SPRING. Will it be the same now? WE SHALL SEE.

- At the 8:30 mark: "Stabbed in the head in 8th grade..." True story, and you'll hear about it at some point. (Many people take my class simply because friends have told them about my goofy stories!)