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These notes were made to aid my failing memory and I share them to benefit those who wonder where read books go after they've sat in your brain for a few weeks. DO NOT read these scribblings without having first read the book. Spoilers appear, unintentionally but unavoidably.

The chapters are short enough that page numbers are for themost part unnecessary for my purposes, though for certain specifics page numbers are cited. A bullet ( ¥ ) represents a quadruple space between sections within a chapter.



1. Amy, Jeannette, Bill Reynolds ¥ Memphis convent

2. Jonas Lear emails to Paul Kiernan: Boliviaexpedition attacked

3. Wolgast & Doyle get Carter from Texas prisondeath row

4. Convent all aflutter about Amy ¥ Wolgast &Doyle (W&D) head to memphis

5. Grey and other "sweeps" at Coloradocompound ¥ Richards and Sykes monitor subjects

6. Zoo visit; bedlam ¥ W&D get Amy

7. Carter's van ride from Denver to compound

8. W&D head west with Amy ¥ County Fair

9. Grey obsesses about Fanning ¥ Paulson confrontsGrey in commissary ¥ Carter recalls meeting Rachel and how she died ¥ W&Dofficially on the run

10. Sister Arnette restless after media frenzy ¥Lacey: "Wolgast loves Amy. It's not him." ¥ Lacey bolted ¥ Richardsdocks Grey for tardiness ¥ Zero mind-melds with Grey ¥ Grey barfs from blood"taste"

11. Hiding in car wash ¥ Surrendering in diner ¥Richards busts them all out ¥ Helicopter escape

12. Wolgast spends a month in solitary ¥ Sykes gets Wto talk to Amy ¥ Grey has blackouts...everyone's quiet and looks terrible ¥Carter "flips" and kills a tech ¥ Richards regrets convent cleanup ¥Lacey approaches compound on foot ¥ W tells Amy about Eva

13. Lacey hops a cargo truck ¥ Richards must take careof Doyle ¥ Grey gives himself to Zero

14. Subjects loose, mayhem at the compound ¥ Learleads W & Amy from wreckage ¥ W and Amy escape as Lacey moves in, findsDoyle ¥ W & Amy find them ¥ Richards grabs an RPG ¥ Doyle, Wolgast,Amy & Lacey make it to getaway car as "Carter" gets Richards ¥Doyle & Lacey sacrifice for Wolgast & Amy


15. New car, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon ¥ W drives them tochildood camp in Cascades ¥ Brad remembers how he met Lila...torn achilles¥ Courting ¥ Marriage and pregnancy, complications, birth, Eva ¥ Amy is anatural swimmer ¥ Brad's 1st trip down the mountain in 3 weeks; Sees headlinesat dry goods store, gets ammo & anti-vampire tips from clerk

16. Amy can read; Forest fire and aftermath ¥ Newsarticle: "Chicago falls and California secedes;" OBE; "The timefor rest is over."

17. Amy's 1st snow; She feels her mother is dead ¥ Wolgast deals with their1st visitor ¥ Winter, then spring; Nuclear detonation ¥ Wolgasts wounds getbad; Amy's gone, Wolgast walks into the woods.


[Philadelphia evacuation notice]

18. Ida Jaxon journal excerpt: Exodus trains carrying kids; Daddy was aradiologist; Daddy took me to the train at night; Some carts cut loose; Longtrain to CA; Terrence finds Ida; First Night, lights came on

IV.  ALL EYES,First Colony, San Jacinto Mts, California Republic, 92 A.V.

* Diagram of First Colony, circa 92 A.V., presented at conference April 1003 A.V. (911 yearslater)

* DOCUMENT OF ONE LAW, Ratified 17 A.V. Household ¥ Seven trades ¥ Watch ¥ Sanctuary ¥ Walkers¥ Quarantine

19. Peter on Full Watch, on the wall; Sara returnswith herd; Final night of Theo's Mercy; Ocean; Long rides; Demo Jaxon's lastride; Shift change

20. Watch log, Day 41-50, Summer 92 A.V. (Several virals approach,Arlo bags one.) ¥ Log attack & Arlo's kill described; Galen pairsw/ Maus, Theo's heartbreak; Maus, pregger, not going on this supply run ¥Alicia joins supply run; She is a badass, lives alone (as does her adopted father TheColonel); Michael the engineer requests a microprocessor ¥ They set out for apower station near San Gorgino pass, spot a day-hunting viral; Alicia wants toengage, Theo says leave it be; Later they detour around a pod of dozing virals;They arrive at the station [somewhere between Calimesa and Beaumont, judging by the I-10sign on p 290];Tech crew is missing ¥ Peter remembers his parents; Mom's stinging finalwords... ¥ Station crew still out at dusk, away party settles in; While otherssleep, Alicia and Peter find books from Time Before and a cache of rifles andammo; Up on the roof, under the stars; Alicia asks Peter about marriage; Pod ofvirals chases Caleb back to station; Peter caps one point plank.

21. Michael ponders electricity, batteries decaying,light will go out in a year or two. No one else knows; He's known for a year. ¥Why no radio since 17A.V. Michael finds Rex's radio log book; Michael thinksabout Alicia in spite of himself; Elton knows about batteries. ¥ Patchworkradio receiver gets nothing(from west); Elton's blind; Sara bagged a rabbit...worryingabout the radio, and the expedition. ¥ Sara recalls leaving Sanctuary on her8th birthday; Maus had baby; Sara visits Leigh & Dora Wilson in Sanctuary.¥ Sara dreams of Peter, who doesn't reciprocate; Sara visits Gabe in theinfirmary; Gabe's cancer ¥ Sara brings stew to Elton in the lighthouse, Eltonplays her Stravinsky to show her what she "looks" like to him.

22. Back safely, Caleb talks about Zander; Zanderattacks the jenny; "you're safe up in the tower;" No answers; gunsbelonged to Peter's & Theo's father. ¥ Dad wanted to form an army andfight; Alicia likes the idea, Theo says forget it. ¥ Burning four viralcorpses. ¥ Arlo, Finn & Ray stay at station, others head back to colony.¥ Smoke hunt at library; Bulletin board biohazard warning sign; Fiftyeuthanized children inside. They burn it. ¥ The fire wakes dozers who chasethem to the mall; Hiding in a sunlit atrium; Virals fling Theo up through theopen roof; Alicia bags one. ¥ Peter runs, finds a young girl at the carousel. ¥The girl hides Peter under the carousel, leads him to the roof.

23. Girl, alone, walking, hears voices: Who am I  ¥  I am Babcock, Morrison,Chavez...[all 12 names. p352] ¥ Girl calls birds and they come. ¥ Bring them to me Amy.


24. Peter sits the final hours of Theo's Mercy. ¥ Arloand crew return, four days overdue. ¥ Peter goes to his house, see traineesdrilling; Sanjay asks about inconsistencies in expedition stories; Sanjay andSoo "ease" Peter aside o Dana can be household. ¥ At Dark Nightstone Caleb and Peter talk.

25. Michael waits for signal; Sanjay sleepwalks;Michael takes a stroll, wanders to Sunspot, sits with Maus. Sanjay & Galengive mouse grief for leaving the infirmary. ¥ Gabe crashes. Mar asks and Saramakes special tea for Gabe. ¥ Peter visits Auntie; Horrid tea; "She'scomin'."

26. Colonel hops the wall, charges three virals;Alicia rappels down, grabs the girl and returns. A viral gets in! ¥ InSanctuary, Hollis bags the viral. ¥ Sara treats the girl, Peter recognizes her;Sara sees/fee;s something in the girls eyes; Caleb's under arrest.

27. Teacher was killed by viral; Massive inquest:Caleb guilty, Alicia reassigned, Soo resigns; Power station left unattended. ¥Michael tries to process the military signal.

28. Petr consoles Alicia outside Colonel's hut. ¥Angry parents square off with Dale at the lockup; Alicia stares down Milo &Sam; Alicia gives Caleb a blade.

29. Sanjay hears Babcock...All his life. Sanjay knewabout the guns, prefers Galen over Theo (for Maus). ¥ Sanjay considers Amy asshe sleeps; Everything about her is wrong. Jimmy senses it; Sanjay doubles theguard on Caleb.

30. Peter & Alicia sneak into infirmary; Amyfollowed Peter. Michael: Amy is a radio transmitter. ¥ Transmitter removed fromAmy's nape.

31. Sanjay's long nap and resultant fogginess.

32. Peter and Alicia guard lockup from a distance. ¥Elton reeks; Michael accesses data inAmy's transmitter.

33. Peter visits Amy; Sara removes Amy's & Peter'sstitches; Amy tells Peter "She misses you."

34. Maus has a secret, but her husband Galen does not;Maus and Galen bicker.


35. Auntie keeps writing and book-binding; Jimmyvisits Auntie. ¥ Jimmy considers killing the lights. ¥ Soo regrets beingdistracted by books. ¥ Everyone dreams; Little Jane dreams of bears. ¥ Gloria'sbee dream; Elton's hay dream. ¥ Galen's angry at Maus, angry about the powerstation mission. ¥ Sam's concern shifts from Caleb to Amy. ¥ Michael decryptsAmy's chip, constructs an antenna. ¥ Jimmy kills Dana & Soo; Lights go out.

36. Well coordinated attack from virals kills severalcolonists, and no virals; Strong dissention brews; Alicia claimsresponsibility, mob attacks her; Ian declares martial law.

37. Maus vows to leave and find Theo.

38. When the lights went out (from Michael's POV);Tells Peter to come hear Amy.

39. Michael parses data from Amy's chip: she's ahundred years old? ¥ Someone in Colorado is calling Amy back...

40. Peter tells Sara about Amy's chip's info; Going toColorado?  ¥ Sanjay did something,but he's losing his mind. ¥ Auntie shows Peter old maps; "They're gettingthe guns..."

41. Sara observed Amy during the attack. ¥ Aftermath:Milo & Sam go after Amy at the infirmary, several die; Two dead instorehouse - suicide? Fetching maps from Auntie's ¥ Group of seven - Alicia,Sara, Michael, Caleb, Maus, Peter, Amy - head out for Colorado.


42. Down the mountain, getting guns; Hollis catches upwith them at the power station. ¥ Planning to reach supply bunker, 10k north of29 Palms. ¥ Back at colony: Gloria demands blood, angry mob starts throwingpeople over the wall; Galen lead a motley posse to go after the Colorado crew.

43. Seven arrive at Joshua Valley supply dump; Viralstry to get in; Amy diffuses the tension - virals leave. ¥ Colorado crewcontinues in withering heat, arrive at 29 Palms, USMC base ¥ Enormous bunker,sealed and safe.

44. From the Journal of Sara Fisher. Sara describes basic livingconditions at the bunker; They all learn weapons; Horpse steps on a land mine;Virals get horse corpse; Two humvees working; Setting out for Vegas, reachingKelso; Three virals attack at night, Hollis is shot.

45. Heading into Vegas; Tanks, huge defensiveperimeter around Vegas. ¥ No way out of town; At sunset they take refuge intall white tower; At a casino (Milagro), "Slims" at the blackjacktable; Rooms on the 15th floor; Peter and Sara talk; A viral busts in throughthe window, grabs Sara. ¥ Going after Sara; "It's a trap;"Massive viral assault on casino; Downstairs in the kitchen, Peter comes face toface with a viral; Strangers in flame-thrower truck save them all.

46. Theo held prisoner; Fat Lady Dream...


47. In the humvee, heading away from Vegas forColorado; Two strangers driving the humvee confiscate their weapons, the truckcontinues west; Olson Hand. ¥ Michael comes out of it in an old abandonedprison...The Haven; Was out three days. ¥ Billie, Jude and Orson tells of therescue; Michael remembers events differently; Sara's passed note: Tell them nothing.

48. What little Peter knows about Olson & theHaven; What happened before Michael woke up; Meet The Travelers party; Partyfeels weird...staged; "Your females...they're fertile?"

49. This place is wack; We're bolting as soon as Michaelis OK; We're all dreaming about the fat lady; Mira feeds Michael, them makes amove...Billie and some others interrupt and admonish Mira; they give him aweird drink, then ask if he can fix stuff.

50. Maus lets Amy feel her unborn baby kick; Amy tellsher Theo ishere.

51. Babcock recalls his fat, smoky, abusive momma; Hesenses Amy.

52. Michael's not in the infirmary; Olson is lying;May and Maus are gone. ¥ Billie takes Michael to Gus's locomotive.

53. Voice taunts Theo with info about Alicia and Maus...wantsTheo to kill the fat lady...using Theo to get (at) the others, unsuccessfully.

54. Sara distracts guards, the crew heads for thenearby abandoned prison, find a humvee; Olson catches them; "You don'tknow about Babcock." ¥ Michael gets the train running.

55. Olson tells about Babcock, the Ring,Jude...Stresses the difficulty and importance of killing Babcock. ¥ Babcockarrives at old prison and begins Ring ceremony, feels Amy's presence. ¥ Peterliterally drops in, is apprehended by Jude, who is quickly dispatched byHollis. ¥ Maus shuts off the fuel tank, sees Amy protect Theo from Babcock. ¥Maus distracts, Babcock flies up, Alicia launches RPG. ¥ Leon, bound andgagged. ¥ They get Theo. ¥ Michael drives the big train, everyone hops aboard;Virals attack the train; Peter is on the roof but is pulled into a car byHollis & Caleb; Humvee races side by side with the train; Olson wants tosave Mira; Alicia rescues Sara; Explosion cuts trailing cars loose from engine.¥ Train stops, wounds are dressed, options are weighed; Jude ambushes Caleb;Alicia mourns. ¥ Olson bolts; Amy breaks her silence: "There aren't 40million. There are 12."


56. From the Journal of Sara Fisher.  Continuing east; Amy talking more, says Gus told her aboutcutting the cars loose. Hollis and Sara stand watch; Two night stop. Forestfire; burned virals. Sara falls for Hollis. Nice farm; Stay there a week. Maus& Theo remain at farm. Amy: The man can't stop dying; We're in Colorado.

57. Walking east, through western Colorado; Amy'sleading now; Peter doesn't miss the Haven, the Colony, or, really, Theo; Amyremembers Snow Angels and Jacob Marley. ¥ Alicia hits Peter with some veryheavy ideas about his destiny, (p629) and how he's the only one who doesn't seemto see it. ¥ Trapped in a net.

58. Theo & Maus, home on the farmstead; Maus:We're safe here. Theo: I doubt it. ¥ Peter et al trapped by Maj. Greer'spatrol.

59. Hoofing back to the patrol's garrison; into theGeneral's tent; Republic of Texas; General lays down the law w/r/t the women;Private Alicia Donadio's big reveal. ¥ Alicia (re)joins the troops.

60. General brings Peter up to speed on the war; Therest of the world? Blue Squad departs on patrol; Hollis reminds Peter that he(Peter) is in charge; Michael fits right in with the grunts. ¥ Movie night -bugging out tomorrow; Peter sees his first movie "Dracula." [the 1931version with Bela Lugosi] Blue Squad's hasty return interrupts movie; Alicia:"We found the mine." ¥ Michael tells Peter about Blue Squad'sengagement; Peter feels a pull, wants to stay and fight; Greer says no way; Heknows about Amy too.

61. The army moves out for the virals' mine; dayslater squads return in shambles; Alicia returns with Muncey, and shortlythereafter administers his Mercy. ¥ Breaking camp; Hollis plays guitar;Peter tells him to take Sara and leave with the army. ¥ Peter tells Greer thathe and Amy are leaving tomorrow. ¥ Peter says goodbye to Alicia, and doesn'tsay something else... ¥ Peter and Amy slip out at dawn, no weapons.


62. Peter and Amy soldier on through the snow. ¥ Theyhear singing...Lacey.

63. Sara cares for Pvt. Sancho who has 3rd degreeburns all over; She hopes for the future; Remembers her parents' suicide.¥ The Many...

64. Back at Theo & Maus's, they adopt a stray dogthat wandered into the barn....somehow. ¥ Conroy (the dog) is now part of thefamily; Theo feels blessed (but how had Conroy got into that barn?)

65. Lacey recalls Carter's attack (from p208); Lacey'ssickness was cured by a bearded stranger (Lear) ¥ Lacey tells Peter and Amy howshe and Lear made a life together. ¥ Lacey fills gaps in Amy's memory of FirstNight, gets out paperwork that Lear shared.

66. Patrol encounters Peter & Amy's (actuallyGreer's) horse

67. Peter reads subject files [details of the Twelve;names, birthdates, Crime, jurisdiction] Lacey tells Peter more; Noah's Ark;Lacey: "Babcock is coming."

68. Lacey takes Peter & Amy into mountain tunnel;vials of "last virus" ¥ Patrol in snowy woods; Michael is attacked,Amy helps. ¥ Lacey locks herself in and Peter & Amy out, sets thebomb.  ¥ Patrol finds refuge inLacey's house ¥ Lacey senses Babcock ¥ Virals assault the house, Aliciagets bitten. ¥ Lacey lures Babcock into the tunnel...just...in....time.

69. Amy releases souls to their newly released bodies(183 by name) ¥ Peter gives Alicia a vial of Lacey's cure. ¥ Alicia gets worse;Hollis and Michael scout for food; Alicia gets even worse and starts to change;Peter administers Alicia's Mercy.

70. Maus's water breaks. ¥ Birth. ¥ Looking for thedog; Attacked in the barn...


71. Peter, Greer, Michael, Sara, Alicia, packing upand heading down the mountain; Alicia is a friggin' superhero now. ¥ Nordic skiing. ¥Michael relates his viral theory. ¥ Greer considers Dracula. ¥ Patrolarrives at Theo-Maus haus.

72. Memorial service for Galen; Peter and Theo squareaccounts. ¥ Peter prepares to change himself;  Amy burns the vials of cure ¥ Sara Theo, Maus & Hollishead south.

73. Power Station: there was a battle here; Colony isempty; "Now we go to war."

74. Amy leaves, to say one last goodbye...


From the Journal of Sara Fisher. Headed south into New Mexico.Virals all around, they're trashing our gear, but they're leaving us alone;They want Maus's baby; Carrizozo, then Hondo, then the garrison on the eastside of Roswell. [Journalrecovered at Roswell site]


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