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Steve's Mulligan Stew Page
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A draft of a Table of Contents for G. Sorrentino's novel Mulligan Stew. Click here or scroll down.

Not having read the novel (though having read much about it) I simply emphasized similarly what appeared to be visually similar sections of text. Meaning, for instance, the all-caps-with-cardinal-numbering sections appear to be chapters...of a sort.

But then maybe they're not chapters; some sections are the novel proper (which, not sure what that even means here), some sections are a charater's writing, some are a character's writing shared within correspondence of another character, and still others seem to represent deeper meta-levels. As I read more I'll get a clearer idea of how to classify these...I sure hope! I might experiment with indentations, I don't know; we'll see. It's already proven to be pretty handy, early draft though it is.

• Chapters(?): NUMBERED, BOLD, TIMES FONT, ALL CAPS (i.e. as they appear in the novel.)
• Various set pieces: bold and/or red
• Excerpts from Lamont's novels: bold, maybe also italic, definitely blue.
• Halpin's Journal sections are highlighted green
• Lamont's Notebook sections are highlighted tan
• Lamont's Scrapbook sections are highlighted orange
The Lost Scrapbook should be.... oh nevermind. If you know me at all you saw that coming a mile away.