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Some notes on the sections of Richard Power's book Galatea 2.2. As with the other book pages on this site, my intent here is not to obviate a reading of the book but to offer one who has read the book a way to refresh, to bring back details if a lot of time has passed since he/she read it. (Hedging against future memory loss is one of several reasons I read with a pencil in the first place.)

There are no chapters in this book, but there are clearly dilineated sections. I identify a section by the page on which it begins. (Refers to the Harper Perennial paperback version.) I tried to boldface all the "Rick and C." sections.

    3.      My 35th year • wwwonder
  10.      I have the center to myself at night
  11.      Mozart, from owl-man down the hall
  14.      Neurodes • Discussion group
  16.      Lentz grills Powers • [polish kid - dies in war - C.'s father - can't shake this language]
  23.      Little Marcel and the Engineer
  24.      Lentz's peace offering • "Picture a train heading south."
  26.      Russ calls from FL
  27.      No more literature, only offprints
  27.      I programmed appliances • Machine taught itself to read.
  31.      C.'s letters came back • poverty • freezing, reading with C.
  35.      Ideas? • Still blocked
  36.      Bar scene: meet the crew • 10 Month Bet
  48.      C. was a student in Powers's class • great memory
  51.      Know the opposition • Not starting from zero
  55.      Homework assignment • The writer's gone
  56.      C. stays after class • unload family history - dad died
  64.      Asked C. to come with me • Spoken for • Night computer job
  66.      Cafeteria • Donne • Back-propagation
  71.      Implementation *A* • Voice input
  75.      Back to the English bldg.
  76.      IMP *A* fails • Lobotomy • Imp *B*
  79.      Hartrick gives Powers soup and reassurance
  81.      Back with C. at U.
  84.      Me: This is impossible. Lentz: Nothing to it.
  88.      IMP *B* fails
  90.      IMP *B* shows off for Plover and daughter
  95.      Reading and exploring and loving life in B. with C.
  99.      C. gets homesick - parents return • Museum photograph
103.      Writing the book based on C.'s life [Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance]
104.      I read the book to her • Short chapter [prob. Ch. 18], long walk
107.      Finished and published • C.'s promotion

110.      *B* fails again • Architecture change • IMP *C*
119.      Diana and Lentz fool Rick badly • IMP *D*
124.      Lunch with Diana: Symbolic grounding
128.      IMP *D* gets vision • IMP *E*
129.      Dinner with Diana and her sons
138.      Picture a train heading south...
139.      Living at U. again • Book is a hit • Socializing • Taylors visits • "You could leave me."
147.      Rick frets over *E* ("Knowledge is physical") • Lentz beach photo
153.      IMP *E* crashes • IMP *F* associates association
154.      IMP *F* is upgraded • *G* can dream
157.      C. goes back to Holland • Rick writes non-stop [rough summary of Prisoner's Dilemma.]
161.      More book writing (Powers World) • Must go to Holland to finish book about USA (PD)

162.      Visiting Audrey Lentz at the home • Jennifer panicked...
170.      IMP *H* was a revision of the trainer
171.      No one to get the door
171.      *H* was voracious, discriminating • Brothers and sisters I have none...
174.      Forewarned is as bad as being hit
175.      I want to be free because I want to read
177.      What do you say...what do I say
178.      Am I a boy or a girl? • Time passes • *HELEN*
179.      Idea: touring orchestra • Lentz lectures
181.      Bumped into Diana • MRI breakthrough • She read Gold Bug Variations and enjoyed it (rather a lot, evidently)
184.      Trouble with Dutch as a second language • I'm the family joke ("Would Auntie like a tit?")
189.      HELEN tackles Blake • Old classroom • A. again
195.      HELEN balked at metaphor • What is singing? • Rick sings
198.      HELEN was singing • Bounce me up to Jericho
199.      Taylor's letter: Very sick • Rick goes back to U.
205.      HELEN's singing has no time sense • "I Miss muffet"
206.      Rick's 4th book (Operation Wandering Soul) comes out • Reviews mixed • Diana hates it
210.      Picture a train heading south • Read all day at a cafe!
211.      Getting better at speaking Dutch • Wrench
212.      C. is unhappy • She craves each new Goldberg Variation • Translator training?

217.      Harold, Mina and Diana evaluate HELEN's progress
225.      Translator classes SUCK • Trip to Italy
227.      Where did I come from? • What race am I? • Who hates me?
231.      Sing to me • Soprano
235.      Getting fully obsessive about A.
238.      C. and Rick blur English and Dutch • GBV not helping as much
241.      The lonliness of writing
242.      You didn't put a rudder on your letter.
243.      Lentz says Stick to the dead white males. Rick says no.
245.      Ram's mom wrote dozens of books • Won awards
246.      We fed HELEN...a lot.
248.      How to explain a tree...
250.      More A. obsessing • HELEN reads print
251.      Rick helps A. in computer lab • Coffee with A. (HELEN's competition?)
256.      Sent GBV to publisher by boat • What Could Be Simpler?
258.      HELEN jokes • Asks about love • Rick reads to HELEN C.'s letters to him
266.      Worldwide change: 1989 • Winter • Cemetery walk • C. wants a child
268.      Rick teaches HELEN A.'s books • Bomb threat and Center evacuation
273.      Me: "She's conscious." • Lentz: "She's Eliza." • HELEN: "Lentz frets?"
276.      No children • Rick won't propose • C. stays out all night
279.      PowerGrudgeF***ing • Condom lost • Not pregnant • It's over

281.      Rick asks A. to participate • Pinball, bar • Hatrick's • A.: "I'm in"
290.      HELEN: How many books are there? Why do humans write so much?
292.      She wanted to know...
292.      Don't leave me Rick...
293.      HELEN wants a Powers book, wants to travel, wants motion.
297.      Ram: How we look at strangers, acquaintances and friends.
299.      HELEN: What do I look like?
300.      Rick asks A. out • "Can't. Sorry."
301.      Lentz: Let's dissect her • Diana dodges hypocrisy
303.      Plover's domestic insanity
306.      Rick meets Lentz at Audrey's home, to confront him
308.      Lentz: We have to know how all this works
308.      Rick asks Diane about Audrey • Lentz won't lobotomize
309.      Lentz: "Think almost nothing of it." • HELEN: "I wasn't born yesterday."
310.      Back to Holland one last time for Dutch documentary
311.      Nederlanders overzee ("We all speak a little Dutch!") • My story came too late for many
313.      Finishing touches • Reality • HELEN: "I don't want to play anymore."
314.      Ricky drops the L-bomb on A.
316.      Diana spills the beans about the experiment
318.      Lentz: "Get her back here!" • Rick tells HELEN everything personal
321.      HELEN: "I see how things go."
322.      Lentz: Keep your fingers crossed
324.      HELEN: "Tell me another one."
325.      The test is two lines from The Tempest??
325.      Answers turned in...
326.      A.'s answer.
326.      HELEN's answer.
326.      She could not have stayed.
327.      Ram picks • Ram is incurably sick