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A continual work-in-progress, this page will grow as I add stuff.

Firefly/Serenity Highlight Spreadsheet - click to DL

A searchable database and scene spotter. It's not done, it probably will never be "done" in the classic sense as I have no real desire to clean it up any more than it already is, but since I was fairly diligent about noting the times—my main goal when I created it—it does come in handy occasionally.

Probably not as handy as this, though: Firefly & Serenity Database - Wikia
Does anyone know what planet/moon Mr Universe's fortress is on? Is it Miranda's moon, Caliban?

It can't be too far from Miranda obviously since that's where our heroes had just departed with the Reaver armada in hot pursuit. (They'd just seen—and confiscated and hopefully copied—Dr Caron's ghastly hologram message and were heading for Mr Universe's transmitters.)

The identity of this moon has been bugging me for a long time. Look at everything that happened on this mystery world:
- Mr Universe's (and Lenore's) home. Duh.
- Our heroes make their last stand.
- Mal's epic final fight with the Operative.
- The even more epic space battle between the Reavers and the Alliance.
- Serenity's flat spin and crash landing.
- Wash, Wash, Wash.
- Almost everyone gets injured somehow, and, especially,
- River whips serious Reaver ass, culminating in her unforgettable "Sword and Axe Dripping With Blood" image.
Here's a pretty decent discussion of the idiocy attendant to Firefly's cancellation: http://www.businessinsider.com/fox-screwed-up-firefly-2014-9
Fall 2002, for the record.
• The blue numbers indicate the order in which the episodes were written, were intended for broadcast, and appear on the DVDs. Note how "Shindig" and "Safe" were pushed back and *into* sweeps month, pulling "Our Mrs Reynolds," "Jaynestown" and "Out Of Gas" forward and out. (Although perhaps it was the latter three that were moved up.)
• So after the axe falls on Dec. 12, why skip up to "Objects In Space?" Joss was asked in an online interview "What one thing you've written is the best representation of everything you've written, that should be seen by people 1000 years form now" (or something along those lines) and he immediately answered "Objects In Space." My guess is, after telling him they were thrilled to be working with him but then loathing the show he actually delivered (and cutting it completely from their schedule) Fox threw him what little a bone they could and perhaps said "You have two Fridays. Pick two episodes to broadcast and we'll be done with each other." And I'm guessing the two he chose were "Objects In Space" and the utterly sublime pilot episode. (Although why Fox would—to its mind—give away a two hour time slot on Dec. 20 is a question that weakens my hypothesis, admittedly.)
• Note that Billy Madison was a seven year old movie at the time of its broadcast on Nov. 22, but was evidently deemed necessary for November sweeps since Firefly was struggling. (Sweeps usually run the 28 days before Thanksgiving, which means in 2002 they started on Halloween and ended on Wednesday Nov. 27, which in turn means Fox deemed the premiere of the Brady Bunch travesty—yes, this was its premiere—to be less desirable than an ancient Adam Sandler romp. Yikes.)
Fall 2002
Pre-emption and cancellation info is from the Done The Impossible documentary timeline.
Sweeps info from Nielsen.com
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