Do you know this band?

In 1994 or so my next door neighbor handed me a demo cassette tape by a band he either knew, or knew someone who knew. Of the 14 songs on it I latched onto three or four almost instantly. They have been lifetime favorites ever since, but for twenty years I've been unable find a commercial copy of whatever resulted from this demo. No google searches for this band or any of their songs returns anything.

The band is/was called The Crossing and the title of the demo is/was Circus Maximus. If you know even the tiniest iota about them, give me a shout!

The track listing is as follows, with a few low-fi mp3s linked to give you a flavor, if you're curious:
  1. Hour of Need
  2. Darling. Between this song and "Burning," it's absolutely mind-blowing to me (to say nothing of depressing and frustrating) that this kind of lyrical and compositional muscle is out there and no one except their families knows about it. (Or maybe these folks hit it big under some other name??)
  3. Mrs. Robinson Simon & Garfunkel cover.
  4. Moses Rides Again A very glitchy copy, apologies to you the listener and to the band, wherever they might be. (I somehow had the foresight back then to copy the demo cassette to HiFi VHS, and that 1st gen copy as you might imagine has emerged after the intervening decades in much better shape than other 1st gen copies I made to cassette, from which these low-fi mp3s were ripped. The VHS thankfully does not have these glitches and skips.)
  5. Resurrection
  6. Blue Room
  7. Moon Song
  8. Burning This and "Darling" are two huge favorites, and have been since first I laid ears on them in 1994!
    "We are building ramps and golden chains/
    The roses are on fire/
    We have never been so unafraid/
    We sign our names in blood..."
  9. Electric Mountain
  10. Falling Down To Earth
  11. Wish You Well
  12. Death March In C
  13. River
  14. Noise