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Steve's Confederacy of Dunces Page

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As with all my book pages, this is simply here as a quick reference for those who've read the book and want to spot certain scenes or characters or events therein. If you haven't read the book you should.
Here's a terrific pictorial tour of many of the locales in the novel. (Check that: WAS. I'd planned to archive this sucker way back in '08 and kept putting it off. Grrrrrr. I'll leave this link up, but it's dead, and googling the crap out of various combinations of elements in the URL has proven fruitless.)

A more detailed summary of the novel (and much more info too) can be found here:

Section / Page # / Notes

One       1         IgnatiusReilly observes humanity, judging wardrobe (among other things) – Penny arcade– Altercation with cop (Mancuso)  –Mom buys cake from Inez for Ignatius – Old man (Robicheaux) backs Ignatius butIgnatius & mom turn on him – Escape to French Quarter – Night Of Joy club – Badservice – Lumber-jacket theft story

       II   13       Robicheauxchats with Jones in jail – Sergeant sets Robicheaux free, upbraids Mancuso

      III   17       Ignatius& mom meet Darlene and “velvet jacket guy” (Dorian Green) who buys mom’shat – Darlene castigates Ignatius for being “crool” to momma – Miss Lana Leereturns and ejects Ignatius and mom – Mom crashes car into building causingbalcony collapse – Mancuso wears ballet tights as punishment, happens upon theReillys


Two      28       Big Chieftablet writing – Boethius – “Hobby” – Collie (Rex)

       II   31       Jones’sjob interview with Lana Lee – Darlene tells Jones about Lana’s businesspractices

      III   35       Mancusocruises St. Chas St in shorts and beard, on cycle – Mancuso gives Mrs Reillyappraiser’s estimate, makes her coffee in her kitchen – Mrs Reilly cries fromIgnatius’s cruelty – Mrs R puts her foot down: “Ignatius you’re getting a job!”– Ignatius’s old jobs – Ig resolves to get a job

      IV   53       Jones,on bus, witnesses Mancuso getting pummeled, reads Life magazine for the ads

       V   55       Inmovie, Ig yells at screen during circus musical


Three    58       Mrs R asksIg about his fruitless job search – Ig ridicules her “Mancuso-induced” optimism– They read want ads…

       II   61       Igsets Mancuso after the Night of Joy – Sergeant says no

      III   63       MrGonzales and Miss Trixie work at Levy Pants office – Ignatius arrives andimpresses Gonzales – Trixie dotters on – Ignatius and Gonzales haggle oversalary – Ignatius is hired

      IV   70       Lanaberates Jones while he sweeps – George gets Lana’s package for the orphanageafter giving Lana money

       V   74       Igwrites journal entry in taxi – Ig tells mom about job – Letter from Myrna withacting job offer


Four     82       Ig postssign near his desk at Levy Pants – Gonzales: sit on a small stool to help your valve– Ignatius falls over – Mr Levy drops by the office – Gonzales leaves and Igforges Ableman letter, dumps files straight into the trash

       II   89       MissLee asks Jones about the police

      III   90       MrsReilly (Irene) notices the house is different since Ig started working – Talksersters with Santa Battaglia – Santa tells Irene that a strange man has his eyeon her, invites her and Ig bowling

      IV   93       Levy'sLodge = Xanadu of the senses – Mr & Mrs Levy bitch at each other about thecollapse of Levy Pants, Susan & Sandra, etc.

       V   98       Igwrites "Journal Of The Working Boy" – Irene, Mancuso & Santareturn from bowling – Santa dances in kitchen – "F*ck Ignatius!"


Five      104     Lana reads newspaperarticle to Darlene – Darlene: "We need an animal!" – My Bird – Georgearrives and Darlene is wise to him – Lana agrees to audition Darlene's bird

       II   108     Gonzalesis happy – Ignatius's signs – Trixie arrives in sleep clothes – Painted cross –Mother Commerce returns – Ig dumps more files and goes to visit the factory

      III   114     Mancusostill hurts from the three ladies

      IV   115     Igtries to journal – Mom awaits ride to bowling – Ig's Journal: 10 B's, Negro'sProgress, Mississippi River, Jazz (my ancestors jigging on the heath) – Fallsdown – The plight of the American Negro – Upward mobility? – Getting to knowfactory workers – Ig meets Myrna, engaged in her society – Sex as a cure-all –I'm coming out into society

       V   127     DrTalc rediscovers Ig's essay


Six        129     In Mattie's Ramble Inn(Carrolton) Jones chats with Mr Watson, and a stranger who works at Levy Pantsoverhears – Jones recognizes Ig in stranger's story

       II   134     Igarrives early to work with camera – Goes directly to factory floor, riles theworkers – The workers move on the office leaving Ig behind – Lame attack, andthe angry workers return to the factory

      III   144     Mancusolocked in the bus terminal bathroom

      IV   144     Igargues with mom about being fired frm Levy Pants

       V   145     Mrs.Levy on massage board, tells Mr Levy (Gus) his daughters won't come home if hedoesn't increase the wages of the factory workers – Mrs Levy makes deal withGus: Bring Miss Trixie and she won't write letter to daughters


Seven    152     Ig eats hot dogs atParadise Vendors, debates relevance of "Turkey In The Straw" Vendorthreatens Ig with a fork, then hires him for an hour – Ig eats many dogs –Igrefuses to sell George a hot dog, tells Paradise boss he was robbed – Ig agreesto work tomorrow

       II   165     Jonesreads Life magazine, rails at Lana about his low pay – Lana tells Darlene toforget about the bird act

      III   171     Irenetells Santa that Ig sells weenies – Santa reassures Irene that she'll hook herup with the old man – Ig bathes while reading Myrna's poster and big letterabout her lecture – Ig writes her back


Eight    184     Mrs Levy tries tonurture Miss Trixie at home

       II   188     Mancuso,in bus station bathroom, plows through Boethius philosophy – Tires to arrestGeorge who brains Mancuso with the big book, then steals it

      III   191     SantaB readies for her party – Irene & Mancuso arrive – Irene frets over meetingthe old man, and tells him (Claude Robicheaux) how disappointing Ig has turnedout to be – Claude freaks when he sees Mancuso – They make up


Nine      207     Clyde (Paradise Vendorboss) chides Ig for touching the cat – Reassigns Ig to French Quarter – Ireneasks Ig if "he a communiss" – Letter from Myrna – Yogi Bear assalve...

       II   217     Lana'sdextrous buttocks, happy about Darlene's bird act, squares off with Jones aboutrecord player – Darlene's dress rehearsal: Lana hates the striptease, suggestssouthern belle – Lana makes Jones the doorman – Jones discovers, then marks,Lana's packages under the bar

      III   225     Sergeantputs Mancuso back on street beat, with an ultimatum

      IV   226     Igwrites big letter: French Quarter * Pirate uniform/costume * Swordfight withClyde * Pirate posing for tourists * Sees Mancuso * Gaining weight

       V   223     Girlasks Dr Talc for report grade – Note drops from Talc's papers – She keeps it


Ten       235     Mr & Mrs Levy arguewhile Mrs Levy puts face cream on Miss Trixie – Mr Levy mentions selling Levypants

       II   239     Watsonand Jones discuss Jones's job and sabotage at night of Joy

      III   241     Iggetting sick on hot dogs – Nightmares – Art guild display – 12" ofParadise – Ig chides the artists, and they drive him away – Ig gets into itwith the dandy from p. 20 (Dorian Green) – Scuffle, litigation is threatened –Friend of Green passes by with Mancuso in pursuit – Ig and Greene plan apolitical rally at Green's house

      IV   257     George,with packages, dodges cops, then stashes packages in Ig's hot dog cart


Eleven   261     Santa has Irene andClaude over for dinner – Claude made good! – The three of them walk to thetheater – On the way they pass Old Lady Lopez's wake, in progress

       II   268     Igwrites letter in journal: Gays should take over the world's militaries – ConfoundingMyrna

      III   271     MrsLevy returns Trixie to Levy Pants – Mr Zalatimo – Abelman's response arrives –Who wrote to Abelman?? – Trixie bites Zalatimo – Gus and Mrs Levy return to thecoast to find Ignatius

      IV   283     Georgewaits for Ig – Ig flips hot dog cart on its side – Trolley car approaches –George helps Ig with cart – Ig looks in Georges bag, see photos – Ig enters themovie theater, George watches the cart – Photo leads Ig to Night of Joy – Lana,Jones and Darlene see Ig – Ig and Jones discuss Darla's act and vagrancy as anaspiration – Irene and Santa discuss Claude and Irene as an item – Levy callsIg, delivers Mandeville ruse


Twelve   303     Myrna letter: You'returning queer! – Mom suggests a "rest" at Charity hospital – Momsmacks Ig around – Ig cabs it to Dorian Green's place – Party in progress –Timmy in shackles – Ig meets Betty Frieda & Liz in the kitchen – Ig triesbravely to start the rally at the party – None of the revelers care [Ignatius'shigh school chemistry story] – Timmy asks Ig to dance – Betty, Frieda & Lizfling Ig into the cowboy, then out onto the sidewalk – Ig heads to Night of Joy– Unwanted champagne – Darlene's bird goes after Ig's earring – Ig is almostflattened by bus as he flees Night of Joy – Homburg man (Mancuso) appears,arrests Lana for solicitation and porn – Ig is surrounded by Betty, Frieda& Liz...


Thirteen  336    Ig in hospital, see photos,reads account – Mom tries to talk sense, give Ig his Boethius book – Claudewill pay Ig's hospital bill

       II   341     Clydefires Ig from Paradise Vendors, weighs getting Ig's uniform back

      III   342     DrTalc wonders about Ig, remembers incidents – Reads news of last night

      IV   344     MissAnnie is fed up, will get neighbors to sign a petition

       V   344     Mancusostages brownie photos, accepts Sergeant's kudos

      VI   345     Santatalks to photo of her mother

     VII   346     Claudereconsiders marrying Irene

    VIII   346     Policecome for George

      IX   347     LanaLee languishes in jail with Liz, Betty & Frieda

       X   348     Dorianwonders about the three girls

      XI   349     Darleneponders last night, her future

     XII   349     Jonesunloads to Mr Watson at Mattie's

    XIII   352     MrLevy frets: Mandeville trip went bad – Change the name of Levy Pants? – Theysee the newspaper – Mr & Mrs Levy drive to town – Mr Levy questions MissAnnie – She tells about Ig's dog and dog funeral and Myrna – Ig and Mom return,having a huge argument – They go inside and Levy confronts Ig about the Abelmanletter – Ig denies writing it, takes Mr Levy into his room, shows him journalentries – Levy bolts and heads for Miss Trixie's apartment – Trixie confessesto writing the Abelman letter - Mrs Levy rages – Levy Shorts – Mr Levy sendsMrs Levy to the store, then realizes Ignatius wrote the Ableman letter


Fourteen 378    Ignatius does, what for allthe world sounds like, shall we say, interesting things to his glove, whilefretting about everybody – Santa talks Irene into calling Charity Hospital tocome get Ig – Myrna arrives and rescues Ig