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These notes were made to aid my failing memory and I share them to benefit those who wonder where read books go after they've sat in your brain for a few weeks. DO NOT read these scribblings without having first read the book. Spoilers appear, unintentionally but unavoidably.

page1.   1981
3Lenore visits big sis Clarice at Mt. Holyoke – Party downstairs • Wang Dang &Biff barge in pantyraidishly, want their asses signed – Lenore leaves authoritarily

2.   1990
22 "You have a bony pelvis" – Rick tells Lenore heartbreaking leprosy-ish story in bed

3.   1990
28/a/ Causality bird turd sequence – Lenore arrives at Shaker Heights home to visit great-grandmother, also named Lenore
31/b/ Imagine how Lenore feels: Gramma Lenore is missing
32/c/ Rick's journal: "Lenore, come to work"
32/d/ Bloemker tells Lenore about Lenore's absence (Lenore's dad—Stonecipher Beadsman III—owns the home)
37/e/ Home's layout – Bloemker & Lenore visit Lenore's room – "Don't discuss this" – Antinomy
44/f/ Rick's Queen Victoria "ineffectual cunnilingus" dream
44/g/ East Corinth, OH looks, from the air, like Jayne Mansfield – Erieview Tower's shadow's interaction with Bombardini Building – Lenore is three hours late – Peter Abbot can't fix the phones

4.   1972
53 TRANSCRIPT: Great Ohio Desert conception and planning meeting

5.   1990
57 /a/ Rick: Who would believe my life would turn out like this – Rick met Lenore at Dr. Jay's – Rick's ardent pursuit of Lenore – Rick's faceplant into Lenore's front porch shrubbery – Magic night
69/b/ Lenore can't reach Dad (on trip with Gerber)
72/c/ Rick ruminates on impotence, Lenore, the other Lenore, Veronica, Vance (possibly gay) – Homesick – Vaguely suicial notion
79/d/ Walinda fires Lenore

6.   1990
81 /a/ Bombardini orders nine (9) steaks at Mooradians
83/b/ Rick tries to get Lenore to tell him about Lenore – They join Bombardini at his table; he wants to eat himself to infinite size

7.   1990
94 /a/ Lenore's possessions and apartment – Vlad speaks!
99/b/ Lenore & Candy shower and dress for the evening – Vlad speaks more
103/c/ Rick reads Lenore a sad story (crying causes epileptic fits in kids, and then their luck gets worse)
114/d/ Lenore talks in her sleep
115/e/ Lenore can't sleep, thinking about weird stuff from the day

8.   1990
116 /a/ Lenore squares off with Dr. Jay about his talking to Rick, and about "words being a life" – Lenore gets impatient
123/b/ Monroe Fieldbinder story: "Fire"
123/c/ Centrex manual – Raring's phone hacks – Peter says tunnel guys have all disappeared
128/d/ Fieldbinder watches house burn across Adirondack lake
129/e/ John seizes in a Chicago taxi
131/f/ Rick's "mexican hotel mouse clerk" dream
132/g/ Patrice, in Wisconsin, is questioned by a caregiver
135/h/ Rick and Dr. Jay argue about membranes and hygiene anxiety
138/i/ Lenore sees Bloemker and Brenda at Gilligan's

9.   1990
146 /a/ Lenore's dad finally sees her, chastises her continuing slackerhood, hints at Lenore Sr's transaction proposal
148/b/ Advertising Age column: Stonecipher vs. Gerber
149/c/ Dad continues telling Lenore about Yingst's cattle pineal research and how Mrs Yingst & Mr Etvos stole that and Obstat's work
153/d/ TRANSCRIPT: Stonecipher III and Patrice's 1961 wedding (Gerber loses Stone III's ring)
156/e/ Dad dispatches Lenore to Amherst to get info from LeVache
158/f/ Fieldbinder ideas

10.   1990
159 /a/ Lenore visits Clarice's family (surname: Spaniard) – Chutes & Ladders – Spasova interview on TV
163/b/ More Fieldbinder and fire – Vance photo – Rick's "bellagio" dream (please forgive my attachment to this image...I cannot resist -smr-)
164/c/ Spaniard family theater: masks
168/d/ Letter to Rick from Stone III: Here's a contract, now take Lenore to Amherst
169/e/ The Spaniard family's mask-intensive ritual continues
170/f/ Rick discusses Spaniard marital woes and subsequent "marriage therapy/family therapy"
171/g/ Spaniard mask performance ritual (mercifully) concludes
173/h/ Vlad rattles off several lines

11.   1990
175 /a/ Lang tells Mindy: "Don't love you no more."
179/b/ Stoneciphico company jet taxis into position at Cleveland Hopkins airport
179/c/ On the flight to Amherst Rick tells Lenore story about love-addicted guy and "ugly, tree-frog-living-in-her-neck" woman – Rick gets jealous (and possessive) w/r/t Lenore
197/d/ Chicago hospital report on John's game show delusion
200/e/ Limo ride from Bradley airport to Amherst – Lenore's Docksiders rant
206/f/ Rick reminesces at Amherst – Janet Dibdin incident
213/g/ Lenore visits LeVache (aka Antichrist, aka AC) and meets his slacker/alky roomies – LeVache rules the roost
223/h/ Rick meets Wang Dang Lang in old haunt – They have 23 things in common – Rick gets an idea... • Rick fawns over a sleeping Lenore
236/i/ Lenore and LeVache sit on sprinklered hill and talk about Lenore Sr – Rick and Lang emerge from forest

12.   1990
257 /a/ Flight back to Cleveland: Rick tells Lang about Patrice/LeVache delivery/birth...extracts a promise that he (Lang) not persue Lenore
271/b/ Lenore returns to find that Vlad the Impaler is a celebrity
273/c/ Mrs Tissaw commandeers Vlad and hires him out to Rev. Sykes

13.   1990
281Rick "ungifts" Vlad from Lenore, pines for her to vocalize any love she has for him at all, frets over her "love reversal" concept, insecure about Lang (et-effing-c. ad-effing-nauseam, poor guy)

14.   1990
292 /a/ Abbot works on F&V phone console – Bombardini's wreath – Candy tells Lenore "Lang wants you bad"
298/b/ Rick and Lang discuss Corfu timeline & Cleveland statue
299/c/ Rick's journal: swimming children emerging clean from the pool – Obstat – Dad
301/d/ Lang & Obstat at Gilligan's Isle – Everyone wants Lenore!
305/e/ Rick hires Lenore as a reader
309/f/ Dr Jay get transcripts back from Mrs Yingst in a tunnel

15.   1990
312 LOVE. Rick's own story: (Fieldbinder tells Slotniks that Costigan was photographically and artistically obsessed with their son Steve.)

16.   1990
324/a/ Rick's journal entry: Lang & Lenore now live under same roof (reverie: Rick has infantile genitalia, Lang sketches Lenore, then Lenore manually pleasures Lang, then Rick unrinates voluminously)
325/b/ SESSION TRANSCRIPT: Dr. Jay forces the membrane issue with Lenore, advocates for Lang
333/c/ Over lunch Lenore tells Rick she disliked "Love," not knowing he wrote it
338/d/ Mindy calls F&V, Candy takes the call
340/e/ SESSION TRANSCRIPT: Jay insinuates to Rick that Lang plooked Lenore, Rick gets fed up
349/f/ Rick vents about Dr. Jay in another Fieldbinder story
353/g/ Lenore apologizes for not liking "Love" – Rick still smarts from latest session with Jay
354/h/ Mindy visits F&V, chats with Candy about Lenore, Lang, Rick

17.   1990
362/a/ Rick's journal: Lang hurts Lenore – The pulse of the toilet's water level
362/b/ Lenore reads childrens story to Concarnadine – Concarnadine family history – Obstat arrives
372/c/ Rick considers Mindy in enumerative detail: calves, posture, scent, sounds. 1, 2, 3, 4 – Rick, really jealous of Lang, snips at Lenore
378/d/ Mindy & Candy lunch at Mooradians – Mindy's checking up on Lang and making her own purple dress
384/e/ Beeberling gouges Lenore & Lang at Spasova show ticket booth
388/f/ Rick and Mindy dine, and discuss her job and training at F&V
392/g/ Lang & Lenore go back to Lang's (who is occupying Misty's room in Mrs. Tissaw's house while Misty recuperates) – Lang lets a carefully chosen few of Rick's cats out of the bag, then makes a move on Lenore
406/h/ Rick's problem arises (so to speak) with Mindy – She spanks him
408/i/ Lang and Lenore's evening has progressed – They share some more – Lang gets to 2nd base with tearjerking story about his grandmother (or, rather less cynically, Lang tells Lenore heartrending story about his grandmother waiting on the porch daily for his family's weekly visits)

18.   1990
418/a/ Patrice tells her caregiver the "cook-and-moose-droppings" joke
419/b/ Fieldbinder: He and Evelyn and bird escape from burning home, jump into swimming pool
420/c/ Lang & Obstat, in rowboat, surveil Rick & Lenore as they cavort on G.O.D. lake shore
421/d/ Rick mulishly insists on telling his "paralyzed theoretical dentist" story/allegory to Lenore, who really REALLY needs to talk
433/e/ Lang, still in rowboat with Obstat, gets frustrated
434/f/ Fieldbinder: Scolded by Slotnik for shtupping Evelyn
436/g/ John is released from hospital
437/h/ Rick persists with the translucent allegory – As Lang and Obstat come ashore, Rick cuffs himself to Lenore (strongly evoking the ending to the Frank Norris novel McTeague) and disintegrates emotionally and psychologically

19.   1990
443Lenore only cried once in front of anyone, unlike Rick of course.

20.   1990
444Practically the entire cast of the book converges in the Bombardini Building lobby (with Lenore, nonplussed, in the eye of the storm) – Bombardini himself begins belly-slamming the building like a sumo wrestler

21.   1990
458/a/ PARTNERS WITH GOD SHOW TRANSCRIPT: Ugolino (Vlad) goes great guns on TV with Rev. Sykes and choir
462/b/ Rick and Mindy in a bedroom – Rick inches toward madness
464/c/ Ugolino and Rev. Sykes again: "Let's play 'Grab The TV Screen' "
466/d/ Mindy undresses in front of Rick, who promises he'll tell her

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