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This page is a quick trip through Greg Bear's amazing novel"Blood Music" and is offered solely for the benefit of those who've read it butcan't recall specifics. (If you haven't read the book please read it. My scribblingsdo the full narrative no justice whatsoever.)


An equality of elan

PROPHASE (June - September)

1. Vergil ambushes Bernard, is threatened by Harrison

2. V sees hazel in lab — much tech discussion — rat-goatvideo

3. Leaving Genentron, "smuggling" lymphocytes

4. Candice. Four times.

5. Changing. Improving.

6. V's job interview. (Blacklisted.)

7. "Verge" visits Mom.

8. Candice is very worried.

METAPHASE (October - December)

9. Vergil has Edward run tests.

10. Edward visits V, shares results. V tells Edward what'shappening.

11. Virgil raves. Noocytes talk.

12. Edward visits Bernard.

13. Bernard quickly calls Harrison: "Go get Virgil."

14. Edward zaps Virgil. Candice is...is...

15. Edward thinks, calls Bernard, hugs Gail.

16. Harrison Yng & Bernard weigh options — Bernard callsPaulsen-Fuchs

17. Edward & Gail "reaffirm their union"...so to speak.

18. Bernard flies to Germany, torches plane.

19. Paulsen-Fuchs sets Bernard up in isolation. World beginsto panic.

ANAPHASE (November)

20. Suzy finds family in kitchen, goes shopping.

21. Bernard still quarantined, studied

22. Suzy with shopping cart, on bridge

23. US gone, Russia flexing, France obstructing, Friedaexamining

24. Suzy in World Trade Center — feathery cartwheels

25. John & Jerry enter hollow mound

26. Bernard tests himself — Russ nukes Panama

27. Suzy in WTC climbing stairs

28. John & Jerry find shelves in mound, April on road

29. Bernard's Journal entry — HP-F feels out of the loop

30. Sheets cover NYC — Suzy sees "pipe" in exec. Bedroom,ascends.

31. April & twins drive to L. A. — mound crosses interstate

32. Bernard communicates with noocytes in detail

33. Lloyd Upton reports from B-1 recon flight *non-detonation

34. Sean Gogarty's space-time hypothesis

35. Twins & April walk into San Fernando vortex

36. Suzy in architect's office — aquarium things

37. Bernard's mind tries a noocyte cluster on for size.(He's famous there too.)

38. Suzy's brothers and mother take her to dinner, try toreassure her

39. Bernard is taken to Thought Universe, re-lives memories,sees 1/3 of Virgil; Noocytes give him two days eviction notice

40. Suzy chooses corporeality

41. Bernard ruminates: Are bad people absorbed too?

42. Suzy eats, chats with Cary in "the blanket"

43. Bernard's final journal entry before protesters stormPharmek

44. Suzy flat refuses to assimilate — Manhattan is flat flat

TELOPHASE (February next year)

45. Paulsen-Fuchs visits Gogarty in Wales — Bernard's magicletter asks about handshakes

46. Suzy, in London, finally goes

INTERPHASE (Thought Universe)

Bernard gets a second chance

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