This table of contents has minor notes to help me remember what each piece is about, particularly the interviews. If you have not read the book and/or do not want to spoil any stories, click here and use the other table of contents.

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This page is a table of contents for David Foster Wallace'sbook Brief Interviews With Hideous Men,modified to include info about the interview pieces, which info is painfullyabsent from the book's table. (Page count for each entry is in parentheses.)

Table of Contents
A Radically Condensed History of PostindustrialLife0 (<1)
Death Is Not the End1(3)
Forever Overhead4(10)
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men 
        Interview #14 ("Victoryfor the forces of democratic freedom!")14(1)
        Interview #15 (Dad'sproclivity for rage; self-restraint.)15(1)
        Interview#11 ("Youdon't trust me not to leave, so I'm leaving.")16 (2)
        Interview#3 ("Youshitheel." "Well, whaddaya gonna do?")18(4)
        Interview#30 ("It's like she was pre-tested.")22(<1)
        Interview#31 (Smoothies,pigs. And stoners.)23(4)
        Interview#36 ("Who?")28(<1)
Yet Another Example of the Porousness of CertainBorders XI (blind dream)29 (1)
The Depressed Person31(27)
The Devil Is a Busy Man ("$5 or $10 ratherthan FREE.")59(1)
Think (Mid-tryst prayer.)61(>1)
Signifying Nothing (Dad wiggled his dick inmy face.)63(6)
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
        Interview#40 (Flipperarm.)69(3)
        Interview#42 (Men'sroom attendant.)73(4)
        Interview#2("Warning sweetie: I've been known to reverse thrust.")77 (7)
        Interview#48 (Chicken-sexingand bondage.)85(12)
        Interview#51 ("Theneverything goes fine.")97(<1)
        Interview#19 ("You'reso damned smart. So c'mere")98(<1)
        Interview#46 (Gang-rapedw/ Jack Daniels bottle.)98(7)
Datum Centurio106(4)
        PQ4.(Terminaldrug addicts sitting in the cold. Which one lived?)
        PQ6.(-X + Y PQ, it turns out.)
        PQ7. (Custody battle.)
        PQ9.(You couldtry PQ9, but beware.)
Adult World (I)137(18)
Adult World (II)156(5)
The Devil Is a Busy Man (Anonymous good deed.)162(2)
Church Not Made with Hands (Poetry.)165(14)
Yet Another Example of the Porousness of CertainBorders VI180(1)
        ("Don't love you nomore.")
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
        Interview#59 ("Thetrouble with STOPPING TIME to jack off.")181(10)
        Interview#72 ("Ilove women! All women!")191(<1)
        Interview#28 (E &K: "They do make great moms.")192(7)
Tri-Stan: I Sold Sissee Nar to Ecko200(17)
On His Deathbed, Holding Your Hand, theAcclaimed New Young Off-
        BroadwayPlaywright's Father Begs a Boon ("I did despise my son.")
218 (22)
Suicide as a Sort of Present (Mother-to-be &impossibly high standards.)241 (3)
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
        Interview#20 (Raped,not killed, hippy-chick.)245(26)
Yet Another Example of the Porousness of CertainBorders XXIV
        ("My brother'smimetic face.")